Saturday, September 17, 2016

Campfire Ghostbusters Marshmallows - Walmart

 Campfire Ghostbusters Marshmallows - Walmart
Being an adult sucks. It's Saturday, and instead of sleeping in and being a bum in my PJ's I woke up early to take a 2-hour state-regulated standardized test on art making and content knowledge. Then I came home  and cleaned out my car (because I dropped my license under the seat and couldn't find it), made lunch, did three loads of laundry, folded all three loads of laundry and dusted. After all that adulting...I deserve a treat. 
I picked up these special Ghostbusters themed marshmallows a while back and I really wanted to review them...but they're just normal marshmallows in wacky shapes and colors, so I didn't think the review would be all that interesting.
Instead, I'll just give you a close up look at the shapes and show you what I made with them.  
First, I love the packaging. We've got the black and yellow caution-tape-like patterns that are on their proton packs, the ghost logo, and a big ol' Stay Puft man along with a detailed Slimer. 
SPOILER (highlight text): Slimer is in the new movie. To be honest he felt a little tossed in at the last minute and was given an okay amount of screen time that did further the plot, but it was a bit random. Then again, the second movie was a really random cameo as well. I guess he really likes driving...anyway, he's more detailed and textured than ever before. I personally find the new Slimer design to be a little too intricate and I prefer the more fuzzy-transparent version from the previous movies, but I was really happy they included him anyway. I'm picking on it, but I loved the new film, and normally when brands are converting 3-d animated characters into a 2-d image for print the results can be VERY creepy looking, but they did a pretty good job here. 

So the bag is pretty playful, and I love the "Who ya gonna roast?" line, but...the shapes are pretty lack-luster.

This is marketed as a Stay Puft-man shape, but I'm pretty sure this is the same mold from the winter gingerbread marshmallows, and other than being green, the Slimer shape isn't all that different. To be fair, it's hard to get a lot of detail into a marshmallow shape, and I appreciate that Stay we have a marshmallow-product tie-in, given how iconic they are to the franchise, but I was expecting a little more. Sure they're colored and kind of uniquely shaped, but they are just plain ol' marshmallows. No fancy flavors, just some of them are green. So what can I do with these? (Other than roast them?) Well...

 I made marshmallow slime treats of course! I've been craving marshmallow treats for a while now, and since these are just normal marshmallows, why not use them? The results? Awesome, slightly translucent-green-looking marshmallow treats! Homemade treats are WAY better than the ones you buy pre-made in the store, and these taste AWESOME! Plus, they look super creepy. This slightly ghostly green shade would make a great addition to any Halloween of Ghostbusters themed snack table, and you can even use greased up cookie cutters to make them into ghost shapes. I thought about doing it myself, for the blog...but I am done adulting for today. 
I'm going to kick-back, put on my lazy-pants, and play video games with my boyfriend while me make adult lunchables for dinner. (Store-bought pizza crusts we top with pizza sauce and out own custom toppings.)  Then we're going to stuff our faces with rice krispie treats, because we're adults, and we can. 
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