Thursday, September 15, 2016

Limited Edition Banana Split Twinkies - Walmart #tbt

Limited Edition Banana Split Twinkies - Walmart 
I don't want to adult anymore! Sorry for the sporadic update schedule. I'm house hunting for place closer to work (to lessen my nearly 2-hour daily drive) and it's been eating up whatever free time (and sanity) I have left when I leave my 9-5. Fingers crossed that I find a place soon, but for now I'm taking a break from Adulting. For the next hour or two I'm going to sit back, put on some Netflix, and eat a box of Twinkies. I bought these a few months ago, and the cycle of food products have already replaced them with a slew of spooky new treats, so I'm counting this as a #tbt. (But next week's #tbt is going to have a little more...Spice.)
It's kind of amazing, two years ago I was an avid Twinkie and processed snack-cake hater, but now I love them! (Well the banana ones anyway. They're the best.) 
This limited edition flavor takes my beloved banana Twinkie and adds a strip of fruit topping, and a chocolate coating. Since banana split ice cream is one of my favorites, and I love banana Twinkies, I have high hopes that this is going to be awesome!
Right off the bat, the packaging seems kind of lame. I mean, after those Awesome Ghostbusters boxes I reviewed, this looks dated and sad, right? Is it just me? I understand the reasoning behind the design choices, it's the colors of a banana split and there's a big ol' banana split sundae on the front, but instead of being bright, modern, and dynamic like the new Twinkie logo, it falls flat. The mixture of new and retro concepts for the layout leaves me with the same bizarre anachronistic feeling as those Trader Joe's packages I don't like. I am pretty sure I'm being nit-picky, but if Oreo can make an awesome, modern, banana split themed package, so can Hostess. 
Inside, the snack cakes are individually wrapped in an opaque white plastic, just like the Ghostbusters ones, so when I dumped all of these into my snack drawer I felt like I was playing Twinkie Roulette. Is it marshmallow, or banana split? You won't know until you open the wrapper. (Holding them up to the light does nothing!)  
Once opened, you can instantly see and smell the chocolate shell. The coating is very thin, and a little waxy, so it doesn't hold up to heat well at all. Just holding it near my photo lights like this was making a mess, so I quickly took a bite. 
So what we have here is a delicious banana Twinkie, which is already awesome, with a jelly-like layer of strawberry, which to be honest wasn't all that appealing, and a sweet sugar-wax-like layer of chocolate snack cake coating. As you can tell from my description, the chocolate is my least favorite part. It's stuff like this that made me hate snack cakes for so long! This isn't real chocolate. It's sweet, waxy, brown-colored-lies! If you took chocolate sprinkles (aka Jimmies) and turned them into a coating, it'd be this. I feel like it takes away from the awesomeness that is the banana Twinkie, but it's really not all that bad. The strawberry adds some jammy-sweetness, although I don't care for it's gelled-consistency, and overall the flavoring is fairly banana-split like.

I like banana split flavored things, and these are okay, but straight up banana Twinkies are way better. If they used real chocolate chips in the cake or creme or something it might have been better, but if they had done that there would have been no way to protect the layer of strawberry jam. This mock-lete shell keeps the cake moist and fresh, and holds all the cremes and fillings in, so I get it, but I don't like eating it. 

So banana split Twinkies get an OK rating from me. I like 'em, and I'll polish off this box by eating Twinkies with my desk lunches (like a real grown up), but I wouldn't buy them again.  This is a fun seasonal offering, but banana Twinkies are still my #1! 
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  1. Have you had a chance to try the Walmart deep fried Twinkies? Not a fan of Twinkies, but that one looked interesting.

    Had one of those rare ALDI moments today where I bought something that really tasted awful - Barissimo Cayman Coconut coffee K-cups. I love coffee. I love coconut. Didn't think that one through. It tastes like someone spilled their sunscreen in my coffee. Oh well - need to try new things, and they can't all be winners. On to the next gastronomical adventure. :)

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