Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chocolate Filled Belgian Waffles - Aldi

Chocolate Filled Belgian Waffles - Aldi
Torn between breakfast and dessert? Why not both?
Even though I visit Aldi twice a week and thumb through their circulars like a budget-obsessed-food-junkie (which I am), I still find new and unknown products every grocery trip! Like these filled waffles.

I spotted these in the freezer section, and they came in two flavors: chocolate and cherry. I was most excited for the cherry, since I'm a fruit-topped-waffle fan, but if any of you are Aldi shoppers like me, you know that if you don't buy something when you first see it, you're going to miss out. (One of the few issues I have with Aldi is their limited specialty stock.) So, rather than have lingering foodie regret, I grabbed a box of each.

First up, we have the (possibly) fudge-filled chocolate version!
Specially Selected continues to step-up their packaging game. The photograph and graphic choices have this weird anachronistic vibe that I usually get from Trader Joe's products, where it feels kind of old time-y but modern at the same time, and the food photography features some really bizarre lighting choices that remind me of still-life paintings and retro food ads. It's quite sophisticated-looking, even if the lighting seems a little off. Kudos, Aldi! Keep it up!
I followed the oven instructions, since I thought it would give me the crispiest waffle exterior without the fear of leaving the interior frozen. (I'm lookin' at you Hot Pockets and Toaster Strudel!) They cooked up quickly, and barely dirtied my cookie sheet at all! (Always a plus.)
Stacked, they're very photogenic, but when I tore one open for a good ol' filling-shot, this pretty waffle started looking a bit shabby. That's not the fudge-y chocolate filling the package promised! I took a bite, and I'm not impressed.

Don't get me wrong, the waffle exterior is great! It's crispy, chewy, and for a frozen waffle, it's really impressive. It makes me think I should cook all my frozen waffles in the oven instead of the toaster from now on, but the filling is just instant chocolate pudding. I was expecting the inside of a chocolate lava cake, or something rich, decadent, and fudge-y. Nope, just pudding. Crispy waffle and chocolate instant pudding mix isn't a bad combo, but it wasn't that great either.
I shared these with my mom and my b/f, and even though we each finished our waffle without a problem, no one was fighting over the waffle left behind. (Since there are 4 in a box.)

The waffle exterior is great, but it wasn't enough to overcome to lowly pudding-filling that barely has any chocolate-payoff. I won't be re-buying this flavor, but I have  high hopes that the cherry one will be much better! I'm not totally counting this product out just yet, but this flavor was a definite "meh" for me, and I wouldn't buy it again.
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  1. OK, I see your point... although, I guess I really like pudding.....because I liked the chocolate one, would be great with vanilla ice cream. I cut mine on the diagonal and plated it like I was fancy, and thought by dressing it up with berries or cream, whatever, it was a fun dessert. The cherry version was too tart for me. Not sweet, which was surprising, and not what I prefer in a waffle. But I'm glad I tried it. YOu nailed it with that bit about regretting what you don't grab when you can.

  2. i love these unfortunately there is no aldi’s around here and it was by accident that we got these because they delivered to the wrong store, but there is no way to get them the bay area, if yal know how or where please let me know, thanks, they are sooo good ~