Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Limited Edition Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cup Cakes

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cup Cakes - Walmart $2.96
I really wanted to review these cupcakes, but I already have something lined up for tomorrow's #tbt, so today is a...Wednesday Rewind? No, that doesn't start with a 'W.' Winter Wednesday? (What else works with Wednesday?) Oh well, I may not have a catchy hashtag, but at least I've got some cupcakes!

The packaging and overall design aren't as appealing as this year's raspberry flavor, but there's an interesting element that I want to point out. Notice how the 's' leads into the squiggle design on the cupcake? I'm pretty sure that's standard for their year-round flavors, but it's irregularly used on their limited edition releases. Some flavors have it, and some don't. Personally I think it's a much stronger design without it. Other than that, the rest of the layout is pretty generic, but I do like the contrast of the red color palette with dark blue ornament.

Unwrapped, the cupcake looks pretty rough. Especially when you compare it to this year's adorable Dark Chocolate Raspberry version. Now before you go saying this looks a little worse-for-wear because it's old, just know that these photos were taken back in December when I first bought them. Most of the time I take photos of the item and write down snacking notes long before you guys see them edited and typed up on the blog. That mean that fresh out of the box, this cupcake is no looker. The chocolate icing has this odd modeling clay look to it, and it actually looks a little sparkle-y. Is that on purpose? I don't think so. If these were purposefully sparkly they would have advertised it as such on the box.

Taking a whiff, this cupcake smells pretty chocolatey, and artificial, but I can't smell any strawberry flavoring at all. So it's not wowing me in the looks or the smell department. Let's hope taste makes this purchase worth-while.
I took a bite, and I'm immediately disappointed. The cake is light, and moist, like usual, but in order for you to really taste any of the strawberry flavoring you have to eat it completely on it's own. Solo, the cake has a very light boxed strawberry cake mix flavoring, but the second it mixes with the creme filling or chocolate icing, it's completely overpowered. Combined, this tastes like a mediocre chocolate snack cake that was left next to some fruity candy for far too long. There is barely any strawberry to be found, AND as I am typing up this review and eating my last cupcake, I can tell you it leaves a unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth.
This limited edition flavor has already come and gone, and I say good riddance! The dark chocolate raspberry that is currently on the shelves is far superior. however, if this does return next year, I'd love to see it with some strawberry creme in the center, or some other addition to really amp up the strawberry flavoring. There's no reason why this flavor can't be as awesome as the raspberry one.
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