Thursday, January 19, 2017

#tbt Caramel Apple Cup Cakes - Walmart

#tbt Caramel Apple Cup Cakes - Walmart
Yesterday's Christmas post was a throwback, but these limited edition fall Cupcakes take the CAKE! (Lame joke was lame, and lame meme reference is even lamer.) I took these photos and wrote down some snacking notes back in SEPTEMBER, so it's been a while, but I still have one caramel cupcake left in my snack drawer. So let's dig it out and get this review started with a fresh (but  possibly stale?) perspective!
Back in September I was pretty burnt out. I was going through the motions photography and blog-wise. You can really tell when you look at these photos. They're so dull compared to the ones in my last post. I really like my new snazzy backgrounds, but what do you guys think? Keep going with the colorful backdrops? Or should I stick with the stark white?

Not only have my photography skills improved, but Hostess's packaging has improved as well. Comparing this box to the one from yesterday's post, and the Valentine's Day edition from last week, this is looking dated and, frankly, boring. It could be the neutral caramel color palette playing tricks on me, but this box leaves me feeling so, "meh." The newer boxes have a lot more pizazz.
Inside are several tan cupcakes with tan tops and a red squiggle-drizzle. The tops match the "stumps," so they look a little monotonous, but they smell amazing! The aroma is a mixture of tart and tangy apple, caramel, and sweet greasy snackcake. I was honestly surprised by how tart and tangy this apple aroma was. Most baked goods go for a caramelized and sweet apple profile, like pie filling, but this is reminiscent of Granny Smith's. (Although it's artificial, and teeters slightly on Jolly Rancher territory.)

This processed snack cake tastes WAY BETTER than it has any right to. I am honestly shocked by how delicious this is! It doesn't taste as artificial apple-y as it smells. Instead, this tastes like a delicious caramel apple spice cake. It's dense, moist, and VERY flavorful. All caps worthy FLAVORFUL too boot!

Now, as I sit here, re-typing the notes I took back in September, I have one final cake left. I just posted a photo of it over on my Instagram stories. It's a little worse for wear, but let's see if it still tastes as good as it did in September.

The thick icing topping is more artificial tasting than I remember, but overall, still a delicious snack cake! The cake and filling really shine. It's dense, with a bold but tangy apple flavoring, and lots of sweet complimentary caramel notes. It's artificial, and exaggerated, but even though it's several months old, I still think this is the best Hostess Cup Cake flavor I've ever had!

Fall has come and gone, but when the leaves start changing again, I really hope Hostess brings this one back. This is a Banana-Twinkie of Hostess Cup Cakes, and that's coming from a former grocery store snack-cake-hater!
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