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Strawberry Creme Twinkies - Walmart

Strawberry Creme Twinkies - Walmart $2.88
So back in 2014 Hostess released two limited edition Twinkie flavors to advertise the X-Men movie: Days of Future Past. Both of the limited edition flavors features the classic white cake and a different fruity filling. One was a blue raspberry, featuring Beast, Mystique, and Colossus (one of these things is not like the other...), and a Strawberry version featuring Professor Xavier, Storm and Bishop, which make even less sense color tie-in-wise. If they were going for an obvious color theme, Iceman should have replaced Colossus on the blue box, and the red should have had Bishop with Magneto and Pixie. Or they could have broken the boxes up with one being the future, with the aged characters, and the other being the past with the youthful characters. What they've done here makes no sense, then again I'm looking for sense in a promotional snack food item from a 2014 movie tie-in.

Anyway, I didn't try either of these flavors back then, because Banana Twinkies hadn't yet shown me the error of my snack-cake-hating ways, but I DID see the movie, which was much better than I expected. Will these Twinkies be as palatable and a rugged, time-traveling, Hugh-Jackman-Wolverine? (Or as disappointing as QuickSilver's outfit?) We shall see.
This packaging is an exact duplicate of the one I just reviewed, but here it doesn't work so well. The placement of the strawberries weaken the overall layout and make it feel less dynamic than before. Mainly it's because of the red-on-red fruit imagery that breaks into the large white heart shape, lessening the overall spotlight effect. This just goes to show you how important contrasting colors and placement really are when it comes to packaging design.

On the back, we have the same Valentines, and if you want my thoughts on that, you should check out yesterday's review. Rather than rehash things, I'm going to skip ahead and give these a try.
Unwrapped it a normal Twinkie. Lots of sweet vanilla snack-cake notes, not so much strawberry. In fact, there's no hint of strawberry at all. Not a great sign. I'm really hoping the filling isn't as bland as the dark chocolate raspberry Cupcakes I just reviewed.
I took a bite and...Meh. These are okay, not great, not something I'd buy again, but I wouldn't kick it out of my lunchbox.

The base is the same, dense, vanilla sponge cake used for my beloved banana Twinkie, but the filling is just so...bland. This is the blandest, least strawberry-tasting, strawberry Twinkie you could ever imagine. If I close my eyes and really focus on the flavors, this is a little fruity, but there is no way I'd ever assume this was meant to be strawberry flavored. It more-so tastes like a Twinkie that was left next to something lightly strawberry flavored than something that was supposed to be a special limited edition flavor all on it's own.

Pretty disappointing overall. It's good, but only because normal Twinkies are good. Nothing about this limited edition flavor is memorable, so I'd say this is one worth skipping. (Kind of like most of the X-Men movies. Although Days of Future Past was a lot more fun than I thought it'd be. Check it out if you want a fun popcorn flick. These? Not so much.)
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  1. I noticed that they tend to keep the cake flavor the same and changing the crème. They should had done entire strawberry twinkie with strawberry cake