Friday, March 3, 2017

Extra Toasty Cheez It (Guest Review) - Target 2.99 cents

Extra Toasty Cheez It - Target 2.99 cents
My sister is an experienced extra-toasty-Cheez-It-hunter, and since I've been so busy with house related stuff, I asked her to help me out by writing this guest review. Will these toasty little squares meet her extra-toasty expectations?
I see that on this box of Cheez-Its, it's noted that this extra toasty variety is their #1 requested flavor. I am unsurprised. While I have never submitted any formal flavor requests, I've spent many years sifting through bags inside of boxes, all in the hopes of encountering the rare and elusive toastiest of Cheez-Its. I had even considered toasting them in a toaster oven myself. Perhaps those days are over. Maria – Santa Maria (gratia plena) of Sometimes Foodie – has blessed me with this box of special, extra toasty Cheez-Its.
I had heard about these special Cheez-Its, and I've been wanting to try them for a while. It's well known in my family that I covet the extra dark Cheez-Its, so Maria hooked me up knowing my expectations were high. Right before she opened the package to take photos, she asked me how I'd feel if I was disappointed by a product that had appealed to me so strongly. Nonsense! How could I be?

My first impression...I am underwhelmed. I was expecting some hella toasty Cheez-Its. Like, yeah, they're darker than normal. But, in my opinion, they didn't take it far enough. I still find myself digging in the bag, hunting for the really dark ones, like some kind of Cheez-It snob. I mean, I'm probably a toasty Cheez-It expert, after years of chasing the dragon in search of the perfect Cheez-It. I'd say the majority of the Cheez-Its in this box are above average quality. A good toasty Cheez-It has nice, darkly tanned surface bubbles, which most all of these do have. But a great toasty Cheez-It needs to have dark edges.
Essentially, these Cheez-Its are only medium well, not well done. Many of these “extra toasty” Cheez-Its don't have the dark edges I want. Most of the undersides are the exact same color as the regular Cheez-Its. If I pull the bag sleeve out of the box to examine it, they're only barely distinguishable as darker than average. Maybe this was a dud batch? I'm still sifting through looking for the really dark ones. Sure, there's more of them than in a regular bag. But I want a whole bag of them!

While overall I'd say this is a very good product, and I'm happy with it, I do think it could be better. I admittedly had very high expectations. My cheesy ambitions flew too close to the sun, and these Cheez-Its obviously did not (or else they would be more properly toasty). While I would surely purchase these in the future, I'd like to see them take it a step farther. You are so close to perfection, Cheez-Its. I believe in you!
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