Thursday, March 2, 2017

Reeses Pieces Big Cup - Walmart #tbt

Reeses Pieces Big Cup - Walmart .89 cents
Buying a house is hard. 
I know I haven't been updating, but that's because I've been dealing with all permits, repairs and legal mumbo-jumbo that come with short sale home ownership. I'm drowning in paperwork and quickly losing my mind, if there was ever a time to binge on (affordable) comforting junk's NOW.
Reese's Pieces Big cups are old news. These have been out for months, but my usual stores are way off trend. The Pumpkin Spice Pillsbury cinnamon rolls started showing up on grocery store shelves in December, and I just saw freshly restocked "limited batch" Ben and Jerry's pumpkin cheesecake pints in the freezer section at my go-to Super Walmart. Great news for those of you missing basic fall flavors, not so great for cool food bloggers trying to stay relevant. (Who am I kidding, I'm neither of those things.) 
If I had the time to hunt for this product at other shops, I might have found it a lot sooner, but candy is candy, so let's dig in!
Reese's added these colorful little dots, representing Reese's Pieces, on the "tails" of the packaging and completed the look with a matching logo. This makes sure that you can tell the difference between this and a normal Big Cup Pack, while still staying on-brand. Something about this use of flat colors really appeals to me. Maybe it's that my personal life is a swirling vortex of bureaucratic chaos at the moment...but nonetheless, I really like this little package. (Also, if you look by my watermark on the back-of-package photo you can see that this shade of orange is trademarked. Even though I get it as a graphic designer, I always get a little annoyed on a personal level when people claim colors.)

Inside the packaging are two BIG cups, which look a lot like the normal BIG cups, but those mixed in pieces add some heft, because these feel quite a bite denser than usual. 
I took a bite, and this texture is absolutely addicting! I find myself wanting to eat more just so I can crunch away at the tiny bits of candy shell as I savoy the crumbly peanut buttery-innards, but this cup isn't perfect. Thanks to the sugary candy shell, that I love texturally, it's flavor profile is significantly sweeter than usual. If they increased the saltiness of the peanut butter filling just a smidgen, these would be absolutely perfect...but even if they're a little too sweet for me, it's not a deal breaker. 

This is not your usual new novelty product. The added texture changes the eating experience and brings something new to the table that I really appreciate, I'd say this is a must-try for all Reese's cup fans, and I'm happy to see it being added to the product line. 
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  1. I would think adding an inferior candy to a superior candy will just bring the superior candy down.