Friday, July 28, 2017

Blueberry Pancake Swirl Bread - Walmart

Blueberry Pancake Swirl Bread - Walmart
Limited Edition breads usually don't interest me.

Every single month Thomas's releases something seasonal, and even though they all sound yummy, I usually pass them by. Until now. When I was looking for some new Twinkies this limited edition flavor caught my eye. My boyfriend loves blueberries, and his daughter loves French toast, so this was too perfect a product to pass up.

Not much to talk about packaging-wise. It's a plastic bread bag with some printing. It functions well, and at a glance, the bread inside looks just like normal cinnamon raisin bread. Nothing new or interesting there. If you look closely enough the little dried fruit bits are more purple-blue than the typical purple-black raisins you see in sweet breakfast breads, but there's really nothing visual to let you know how special this flavor really is. For that, you just need to open the bag.

Once opened, the bread inside smells like butter flavored pancake syrup and blueberry preserves. It smells a lot like blueberry muffins, if you ate them with syrup.

Toasted, you get more of a blueberry pancake, and it smells amazing. Sweet, maple-y, and fruity.
I didn't want to alter the taste too much, but I also didn't want to eat it dry, so I smeared a little unsalted butter on there and...oh man. It is so good. I love cinnamon raisin bread, and this is very similar, and yet, different. It's sweet, but not too sweet, the dried fruit pieces give you a burst of flavor and extra sweetness here and there, and the swirl has a lovely pancake syrup flavoring. It's more like the butter flavored stuff than 100% pure maple syrup, but it's so good that I don't care. It's delicious. Like blueberry muffins and French toast had a food-baby, and I didn't have to do any work! On a weekday morning, that is VERY much appreciated.
This was also a HUGE hit with my boyfriend. I originally planned on reviewing this bread, eating a few slices, and then using the rest to make French Toast the following weekend, but none of it survived the week! Even my boyfriend's daughter, who normally hates blueberries, enjoyed it as is! No french-toasting required! Between the three of us it disappeared only days after I brought it home. If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

Toasted with butter, this stuff is irresistible. Cinnamon raisin bread and blueberry lovers, this is a MUST try and a perfect lazy weekday breakfast. I highly recommend it, and will be buying another bag so we can happily stuff our faces before it disappears.
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