Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tiny Fake Fried Chicken? - Fried Snack

Fried Snack? - Hmart
Interesting packaging strikes again! We've got cartoon chickens, a weird safari-ready mustachioed man with a glove-on a stick? There's a tiny chef, and the promise that these tiny little snacks will look like itty bitty fried chicken legs. How could I resist?

I tossed these into my cart the second I saw them, were they worthy of being purchased? We shall see...
This was purchased purely based on it's looks. The design isn't particularly well done, but it's cartoon mascots were interesting enough that I bought it anyway. Korean products have a tendency to create these interesting cartoon mascots that look fleshed out. I feel like this little guy must have some kind of wacky cartoon adventures featuring the humanoid figures in the back, but odds are, it's just a mascot and has no other purpose than to be on this box. (Maybe he does, but I couldn't find anything on the internet to prove it.) There are even cute illustrations and comic-like panels inside the box?! I love it, but I have no idea what's going on ... can anyone translate?

Inside the box is a plastic bag and it's filled with small fried snacks.
Look at these! They're so stinking cute! They're tiny, textured, hollow chicken legs! The outside texture looks a lot like chicken nugget breading, and the color looks like a chicken nugget too, but they smell like salty fried potato puffs. Aren't these supposed to be chicken flavored? I was expecting instant ramen vibes, but there are none to be sniffed.
So they look like tiny fried chicken legs, which are adorable, but they taste bland as all get-out. Since there was a chicken on the package and the snack itself is chicken-leg-shaped I assumed these would be chicken flavored, but they're not? Upon closer inspection the ingredients list: flour, yeast, salt, potato starch, and soy beans. No hint of flavoring in sight. (Other than salt, anyway.) What a let down.
These taste like a more roughly-textured Bugle mixed with a potato chip, but without any seasoning. It's not bad, but it's boring. Which is bad.

I don't want to eat the rest of these, because they taste like bland nothingness, but they're so cute that it seems like a waste to just throw them out. They're tiny hollow chicken leg-shaped snacks! How do they even make them this perfectly shaped? I have no idea. Everything about them screams fun novelty product, but their lack of flavor holds them back.
Due to their blandness, I would never recommend these as a snacking item, but they are pretty cute and decently packaged. I'm happy I got to photograph them and experience their hollow-chicken-shaped form, but these don't live up to their potential and for that I'd say this is a foodie item you can skip.
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  1. Thank you for this review. I agree that packaging is intriguing, & I would have bought it too, but for your helpful review. On the inside of the box (over the cartoon) it says ,in Korean, to find hidden drawings of [random] objects while enjoying the mini drumsticks: a picture frame, a ruler, a brush, a snail, a sausage, a leaf, and a pen. Beneath the cartoon, it says the safari dude is plotting something nefarious while the chicken is too busy enjoying the food. Random!

  2. It'd be interesting to see if adding some chicken flavor seasoning from an instant ramen pack would help.