Monday, July 31, 2017

Just another minty Monday - Hershey's Mint Cookie Crunch Bar

Mint Cookie Layer Crunch Bar - Walmart
It's just another minty Monday...

Hershey's Layer Crunch bars have been out for a while and even though they're a new product, they're not very innovative. All three of the flavors are safe bets. Chocolate and vanilla? Classic. Chocolate and caramel? Been there, done that. Chocolate mint? The Girl Scouts called, they want their cookie back.

So yeah, these are new, but they're not new-new.

Even so, this candy bar sounded delicious, so I grabbed one at Walmart to munch on. I don't think there is any way for this product to be a failure, but you never know...
Just like the product itself, the packaging isn't anything new, but for what it is, I like it. Outside we have a layer of thin and shiny plastic covered with bold. but simple, typefaces. I really like the use of color. The different shades of minty green really pop against the chocolate-y backdrop. Overall this packaging feels sleek and somewhat fancy, while still being accessible. What I mean by that is that it looks cool without trying to be snooty, like Lindt, while looking more modern and sleek than other candy aisle offerings.
Inside the plastic you can see that this candy bar isn't really a bar. It's a bunch of tiny 3-piece bars inside a normal bar-sized wrappers. (Kind of like three kids in an overcoat passing as an adult man.) (Side note: apparently the kids in a trench coat gag has it's own specific term! Totem Pole Trench. The more you know...) I don't mind the candy portioning at all, it makes these chocolates much easier to share, and it helps with portioning, but it was a little unexpected on my end. I imagined vertical breaks in one solid bar, which is what other candies have done in the past, but this is nice too.

Unwrapped, it smells like all the other chocolate mint candy bars out there. There's nothing particularly unique or different about it, but it's yummy none-the-less.
As soon as I took a bite I was getting flashbacks to the Girl Scout Cookie Crunch Bars I reviewed last year. This tastes like a denser version of their Thin Mint wafer bar and it's delicious! Which is not surprising in the least. Dark chocolate and mint are a perfect match, hence it's use in Girl Scout cookies, ice cream, candies... So yeah, it's not a unique or new combination, but this is well executed.

I prefer the lightness of the Crunch bar version to this denser bar, but this is still really delicious. I think this flavor in particular is a nice addition to Hershey's line and if I saw it on sale, or I had a coupon, I'd happily buy it again, but it's just not a unique enough for me to seek this out over other chocolate-minty options.
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