Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Oreos - Walmart

Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Oreos - Walmart 
As a broke first time homeowner, Walmart (however evil it may be) is now crucial to my survival. 
I stop there several times a week to quickly grab things I never knew I wanted but now suddenly need to survive, like calamine lotion (I discovered poison ivy in the yard, with my knees) and teflon tape. While I'm there grabbing new-to-me necessities, I take a minute to relax and browse the snack aisles for some new limited edition goods. It keeps me sane. Some people buy clothes. Some people play video games. I buy junk food. Which has mostly been Oreos. A LOT of Oreos.  
So here we are again, another day, another Oreo flavor. In this over-saturated limited edition Oreo market are these still worth picking up? We shall see. (I have high hopes !)  
The packaging looks and functions the same as all the others, nothing to discuss there, so I'll keep this brief. This is a branding mash-up, we have the logo for Dunkin' along with Oreo and Nabisco on all sides of this package, which had the potential to look like the advertisement-covered clothing in Idiocracy, but the design team handled it well. For what it is, it looks very polished and cohesive without being too in-your-face-branded. Well done. 
When opened, I noticed this package was far messier than the other flavors of Oreos I've been reviewing. We've got smeared coffee-scented icing all over the top of the container and specks all over the cookies. It doesn't affect the taste or quality of the product, but for photographic food bloggers, it's a nuisance. (Everyone I've shared these with has remarked on how messy they look, so I figured it's worth mentioning.) 
These smell like dark cocoa powder and sugar with the slightest hint of instant coffee. It's easy to mistake these for normal chocolate Oreos at first glance, and sniff, but if you really get your face in there you can detect a few coffee notes.  
Coffee and cocoa go hand in hand. In the baking world, it's well known that if you want to amp up the chocolatey-ness of brownies or a cake, you should add a spoonful or two of instant coffee powder to the batter. With that said, I'm expecting these to be epic. 
On it's own, the creme is really soft and sticky (kind of like toothpaste, no wonder the package is a mess), but it tastes like and actual Dunkin' Donuts coffee (with a ton a sugar, but Dunkin' nonetheless). This is more-so the coffee you'd drink when you first start liking coffee, lots of cream and sugar, so those who drink it black would turn up their nose, but for a light coffee drinker like me, this is easily recognizable. Like coffee ice cream, or a milkshake. 
When eaten together, the cookie helps to mellow out the extreme sweetness of the filling, but it also lessens the impact of the impressive coffee flavoring resulting in a really rich, slightly coffee'd, chocolate Oreo cookie. Combined the coffee aspect is muted, but it's still really yummy and the coffee inclusion makes the chocolate seem that much richer. It's great eaten dry, but amazing with milk, and I imagine this would be even better with an actual cup of coffee. (Either hot or iced.) These remind me of the Cookie Dough Oreos, which gave me caramel-latte vibes, and the more recent Salted Caramel Oreo Thins, but where those have coffee-like-notes, this is the real deal. 
This is a really awesome Oreo cookie and I recommend it everyone! However, I shared this with an 11 year old today (who likes Starbucks mocha frappuchinos and was really hype for this cookie), and she wasn't a fan. Said they tasted too much like coffee. So this might be too intense for little ones, but occasional Coffee-lovers, you'll love it. (Coffee addicts might need something stronger to get their fix.)
Every time the limited edition Oreo market gets too saturated and I think about calling it quits, they release an awesome flavor like this and they pull me back in. Even though this is a really great cookie, and I really do love this flavor, I hope they put the breaks on their limited edition flavors for a bit because I'm getting Oreo'd out, and I'd like to savor this high-note for a little while.
Oreo is like the Pixar of the grocery store cookie aisle. They have a good foundation/product with a loyal fanbase, and after a bunch of hit releases they've been speeding up production to meet the demands of the public. Instead of new unique flavor/film every so often, we get a lot of rushed sequels/re-released sup-par flavors. I rather they take their time and release something worthy of being hyped up. "If everyone's super, no one will be." The same thing goes for limited edition. If they keep coming back every year they're just seasonal, not special. 
It seems like double branding is a strong point for them, first the Reese Oreo's were a HUGE hit, now we have these awesome Dunkin' Oreos. I'd like to see more mash-ups like this in the future. (Just not too soon.)
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  1. My little 3-almost-4 year old niece LOVES coffee. She's been known to swipe my iced coffee while she's here. I let her have a few of these and she basically stole the whole package. Literally shoving them in her little purse. I liked them too. What ones I did get to eat