Saturday, July 22, 2017

TGI Fridays Mac & Cheese Party Bites

TGI Fridays Mac & Cheese Party Bites - Ollie's Bargain Outlet - .99 cents 
Do you guys have an Ollie's in your area? If so, you really have to check it out!
Ollie's Bargain Outlet is a big closeout store filled with wacky illustrations of it's mascot and tons of, "Good Stuff Cheap!" Which is the store's slogan that plays over-and-over on it's loud speakers and appears on almost all signage. The "Good" part may be subjective, but trust me, it IS cheap and I'm all about it! 
Along with awesome beach towels, rugs, and curtains, Ollies scoops up and sells all the limited edition and seasonal food stuff that's no longer cool enough to take up space on grocery shelves. Tiny Toast? They've got it. Wacky seasonal cereal? Yup! All those limited edition Pop-Tarts? You bet'cha! 
Seasonal sweets, snacks, and baking supplies all end up at Ollie's for 50%+ less than they once were in big-name shops. It's pretty awesome. I've gotten boxes of Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts for .70 cents each, seasonal candy, and bags of limited edition chips and cheese curls for less than a dollar each! I joked on Instagram that it's where limited edition food goes to die, but it's really a bargain foodie's dream! 
I grabbed a bunch of stuff to review on the blog, some good, some bad, some..intriguing, but all affordable. Where will these TGIFridays snacks fall on the spectrum?
Design-wise, this is pretty decent. It's simple, colorful, and eye catching. It was appealing enough for me to pick it up in the first place, so I'd say it does it's job well. I don't have much to say about it, so let's tear this bag open and see how these snacks taste!
First impression, these smell awful. Like plastic, fake cheese powder, and artificial-butter-flavored popcorn topping. It's so unappealing I immediately regret purchasing them, even if they were only .99 cents. (Actually they were even less since I had 10% off coupon. Even then, immediate regret.) Who knows? Maybe they taste better? I really hope so...
I picked up one of the pale yellow puffed corn pieces and popped it into my mouth. It doesn't taste as bad as it smells, but it's still not great, and it definitely does not taste like macaroni and cheese.
The puffed corn base is just like any other puffed cheese curl on the market. Light, crispy, crunchy... texture-wise it's awesome. Flavor-wise, it's "bleh." To me, it tastes like the cheesy popcorn that comes in those big metal tins you usually see around Christmas time. Super artificial. I've never been a fan of those, but I seem to be in the minority. My b/f thinks these aren't cheesy enough, and his daughter K agrees, but they both like these little snacks enough to keep on eating them. Me? I'm not a fan. A few pieces were all I needed to form my opinion.

I think they taste like cheese powder from microwavable Easy Mac mixed with expired sour cream that has somehow been milled into a fine powder. As if the lack luster tangy taste wasn't bad enough, it leaves this weird, almost metallic, flavoring in my mouth that just doesn't sit right with me. Maybe something is wrong with my tastebuds? I dislike most cheesy snacks for this very reason, unless they're Herr's cheese curls or crunchy Cheetos I hate most cheesy snackfoods because they taste too fake to me.
Personally, I can see why these ended up at a discount shop. They're pretty awful, but in Ollie's defense they also have .99 cent bags of Herr's cheese curls which are infinitely tastier.  Can't say I'd recommend this specific product, but I STILL recommend Ollie's. However, if you're a fan of cheesy Christmas tin popcorn and other chesy offerings, you might like this after all. My little family thought it should be more cheesy, but that didn't stop them from finishing the bag.
This ended up being pretty bad, but trust me, I've gotten a ton of other stuff from Ollie's that's been awesome. You'll see for yourself later this week.
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