Friday, July 21, 2017

Strawberry Nut m&m's - Walmart

Strawberry Nut m&m's - Walmart 
Years ago, when I was a collegiate foodie-fangirl drooling over Cybele's candyblog, she posted about these limited edition Strawberried Peanut Butter m&m's which were released as a Transformers movie tie-in. What did PB&J flavored candy have to do with Transformers? I have no idea, but I wanted them and I couldn't find them. I missed out. They disappeared without me ever being able to buy a bag, and it's been a foodie sore-spot for me ever since.  
It's pathetic (and neurotic) to admit this, but every now and again I do think about them. The limited edition m&m that got away. The one that echoed my favorite PB&J pairing of strawberry jam with peanut butter. I've read other (more fortunate) foodies reviews of them, and it seems they were just okay, nothing special, and certainly not delicious enough to make the masses rally together for it's re-release like other flavors have done. 
Flash forward to today, when Mars releases a sorta-similar product, Strawberry Nut m&m's. They're not quite the same, but I guess this will have to do. I'm really hoping that these will live up to the hype I've given this flavor pairing in my head.
The packaging is a bright magenta color featuring the yellow m&m eating a strawberry the size of an apple and some scattered pink, red, and green candies. I feel like the scale of these humanized m&m's is always changing. (Either that's a giant genetically modified strawberry.) Plus, this logo is HUGE. We all know what m&m's are, no need to scream it in our faces. All-in-all, I really don't care for the look of this packaging at all. It's just too garish and obnoxious. Fingers crossed they taste good!
When opened, the candy inside smells like peanut m&m's mixed with Frankenberry. It's an artificial, cereal-like fruity aroma, that isn't particularly strawberry-like, but there's something fruity about this candy, and it's not all that unpleasant. Almost like you made a baggy of your own trail mix or something. 
I grabbed one of the irregularly shaped candies at random and popped it into my mouth. The verdict? They're just as snackable as normal peanut m&m's, but only mildly different. The chocolate has this artificial fruity flavoring that is almost exactly like Frankenberry, or berry-lavored Kix, mix that with chocolate and a crunchy peanut and it's a pleasant experience, but it's not as different as I would have liked. 
The peanut outshines the other flavors and you're left with a slightly fruity aftertaste more than a sweet strawberry inclusion. After a while that fruity aftertaste builds up, leaving an artificial flavoring in my mouth and making me want to eat more just  to mask it. 
I'll easily finish off this little bag myself, but I'm more-so eating them just because they're there. I would never want a larger bag size.
The slight sting of missing out of the previous m&m's feels a little duller now, but if these disappeared off shelves tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a tear. These aren't what I was hoping for, but they're pretty okay 
Now that we have the caramel-filled m&m's on the market, maybe we can have a truly strawberry jam-filled peanut butter m&m, which sounds far superior to these strawberry-flavored imposters. I look forward to some bright, and jammy, fruity inclusions in the future, but these aren't it. 
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  1. Omg my fiance and I said these tasted like frankenberry and berry kix respectively!
    I did like these as well as the caramel.

  2. FWIW I really loved the Strawberried Peanut Butter. Favorite m&m flavor ever, but didn't understand the game back then and didn't stock up on them properly. These are like a weak echo of them, I had one small bag and that was enough.