Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lay's BLT Chips - Walmart

Lay's BLT Chips - Walmart
The new Do Us A Flavor finalists have been announced and all three options have left me cold. I normally try to keep a pretty open mind, but all three flavors feel a little too safe, and honestly...boring. Unless one of the new flavors happen to fall right into my lap, I doubt I'll be reviewing them, but when I was at Walmart the other day I spotted this smaller, snack-sized, baggie of the Limited Time flavor BLT chips in the checkout lane. These sound more interesting than the finalists, and they're a convenient snacking size, so why not check them out?

The bag is an eye catching red-violet gradient with some scattered chips and a really delicious looking sandwich. The contrast of the bright yellow and red Lay's logo against the purple backdrop is very graphic and appealing. I also really like that the text was kept to a minimum, letting the food imagery do most of the talking. This bag really stood out in a sea of other snack baggies, which is what a good package design and layout should do. Kudos to Lays for their bold, yet simple, approach.
Once opened, the chips inside look lightly seasoned, with a yellow-orange-tinge to them and tiny red and green seasonings. They smell...pretty damn realistic! I can smell bacon, mayo, and lettuce. It's very BLT-like, although it isn't super bright and refreshing, it's more processed, like a pre-made sandwich that was sitting around in plastic wrap at a convenience store, but still, it's far more BLT-like than I expected it to be.

I popped a chip into my mouth and it tastes a lot like it smells. I can taste bacon (although it's more processed bacon-bit than pan-fried), lettuce, and even mayonnaise! Tasting lettuce in a dry potato chip is always something that impresses me. How do they do it? Is it like celery salt? But lettuce?
The authenticity of the mayo flavoring mixed with the fast-food-like bacon and lettuce makes this product taste pretty legit. Well, as legit as it can be when turned into a dry, seasoned, potato chip. It's not going to evoke memories of a homemade BLT sandwich, mostly because it lacks texture and tomatoes, but it's pretty darn snackable! If I had to liken it to anything, it'd be a fast food BLT, like something you'd buy at Wendy's, and to have that in a portable, easily to eat, snackfood? It's pretty impressive.
I served these, alongside burgers and hot dogs, to my boyfriend and my parents and everyone really liked them. They didn't immediately think they were BLT flavored, or really question what they were, but they all agreed they were tasty, and made a nice side-addition to our BBQ meal.

Even though I like these quite a bit, and found them to be surprisingly authentic, this small baggie of chips is all I need. As we finish off this bag I'm left wanting more, and that's a good thing. I've been food blogging for a few years now and I've learned a few things. Giant, boldly flavored, limited edition chips are fun to try, and review, but they are flavors of the week. For the most part, these flavors come and go without anyone making big campaigns rallying for their return, and that's because they're just not as versatile and snackable as tried and true favorites.

If I had the full-sized bag of these, I don't think I would have liked them as much, and I doubt I'd ever finish them. This small snack size? It's perfect. Just enough to appreciate them for what they are, share them with a friend, and best of all, it leaves me wanting more. If you're going to give these a try, look at the check-out area at Walmart and try to find this smaller bag. In this quantity, they're pretty great.
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