Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cotton Candy (Unicorn) Milkshakes!

Frozen Bean Cotton Candy Frozen Drink Mix - Walmart .99 cents
The days are shorter, the temperature is dropping, and Pumpkin-pocalypse 2017 has invaded the grocery store shelves. If there was ever a time for a (denial-laced) summery unicorn-themed cotton candy milkshake, it's now. 
Today's post is part two of my Frozen Bean drink mix trilogy. We started with plain ol' Cookies n' Cream and now we've moved on to fabulous cotton candy.
Grab your cozy denial-blankets, ignore all adult responsibilities, and marvel at my decorative paper unicorn straw, as we sail off into a sugar-induced unicorn hallucination. 
I just wanted to take a moment and give my boyfriend's littlest niece a shout-out for sharing her awesome rainbow unicorn straws with me. If you follow me on Instagram, you might recognize these from her magical unicorn-themed birthday party a few months ago. She and her mom hooked me up with a few extras, and although paper straws aren't totally great when it comes to functionality, you have to admit this looks magical. I wouldn't drink a cotton candy milkshake any other way. 

Like the cookies and cream, this packet has two mixing options. The superior choice is a milkshake, using vanilla ice cream, milk, and a few tablespoons worth of the flavored powder. This method makes 3+ milkshakes with one pouch. However, if you're lactose-intolerant, the ice-based recipe that uses the entire pouch with water (or milk) and ice might be the way to go. My frugal nature of getting three drinks with one pouch, and the decadence of a cotton candy milkshake, pushed me towards option 1. 
Once opened, the powder inside looks like normal white table sugar, but it smells like cotton candy and instant coffee creamer: sugary, creamy, and a little fruity. (Smells like blue, but looks white.)
I scooped some ice cream into my blender, added a splash or two of milk and a couple spoonfuls of powder, blended it up, and that's it. Super easy, cheap, and decadent. Black Tap, eat your heart out. 
The finished product was a pale, sea-foamy, blue-green color. My vanilla ice cream was a little on the yellow-end of the vanilla spectrum, had I used a pure white vanilla ice cream I bet the results would have been more of a true cotton candy blue color, but my garnishes will help! I added some whipped cream, a tuft of blue cotton candy, and (of course) my fabulous rainbow unicorn straw.
I took a sip guys, I had my doubts, but this is amazing. It's sweet, without being too sweet, and it's subtle. A lot of cotton candy flavored items can taste obnoxiously artificial. Products like that give me flashbacks to my pre-teen years when I practically bathed in cotton candy scented Body Fantasy spray. This milkshake is the opposite of that. It starts out tasting like a light and creamy vanilla, but there is a lightly burnt sugar aftertaste that is distinctly cotton candy. 
I made these milkshakes for my cotton-candy-loving mother and unicorn-loving sister the other night and they fell in love. (Also worth noting: you have NOT lived until you've eaten cotton candy dipped in whipped cream. It'll be the death of me, but it's worth it.) I made 4 (mini) milkshakes with $1.00 worth of sugar dust and stuff I already had in the pantry, and they tasted great, so I'd have to say I'm in love too.
Unlike the Cookies & Cream, or Horchata, cotton candy is a flavoring I can't easily recreate in my kitchen, and for one measly dollar I can have a pouch full of powder that makes 3 adult-sized milkshakes? (Or 4 mini ones.) Yes, please! 
This is an awesome product, and as reader-Caitlin pointed out in her comment, it has so many applications! 
I completely agree with Caitlin. This tastes like the real deal and it's only a freaking dollar! Cotton candy fans, decadent milkshake lovers, and unicorn dreamers, this is one product you have to try for yourself. (FYI: I already bought 2 more pouches.)   

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  1. I need to try it! What a great way to get the cotton candy sugar without having to pay a hefty price.

  2. "If you're lactose intolerant.. [use all water]"

    Please don't forget soy and almond milk exsist! I am dairy free and use soy milk with homemade ice cream. These are just as great! Horchata is my favorite.