Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Reese's is actually a Throwback to the 90's! - #tbt

#tbt Reese's Crunchy Cookie Big Cup - Wawa
For every Oreo disappointment, there is a Reese's that raises the bar. Well, kind of. Reese's plays it pretty safe when it comes to their flavors. 
They have a combination that people love, and when something isn't broke, you don't fix it. More-so than playing with flavoring switch ups, they have been playing with added textures. First, it was the addition of their Reese's pieces to their peanut butter cups, and now it's cookie bits.
But wait, is this really NEW?  
Well it kind of is, but it also isn't. In the late 1990's Reese's offered the original Crunchy Cookie Cup. It was a Reese's cup that had a cookie on the bottom. Similar to an Oreo-style cookie crust. I remember them existing, and seeing them in the candy aisles at Wawa when my parents picked up the Sunday Newspaper, but I don't remember eating them at all. What I do remember is the commercial.
Just like the movies, candy companies are looking to the past to cash in on childhood nostalgia, but this time instead of a layer of cookie at the bottom, we have tiny cookie bits mixed into the Reese's cup filling. So they kind of changed it up, ever so slightly, to create a new-ish product. If the 90's version faded into oblivion, is this new one doomed to the same fate? After all, I may remember the silly commercials, but I actually don't remember eating the cookie cups. Either I never had one, or they just didn't leave a lasting impression. Let's find out!
I unwrapped the candy and it smells just like a normal Reese's cup. Nothing to report there. I took a bite, and...oh man, this is another addicting Reese's cup. 
We have the salty, crumbly, peanut butter filling we all know and love, covered in a sweet milk chocolate shell, with the added texture of crunchy cookie crumbs and an Oreo cookie-like cocoa finish. The flavoring isn't a night and day difference from the classic big cup, but I love the added texture, and I'm getting flashbacks to the amazing Reeses Oreos that were released a few years ago. Now THOSE were a great cross-branded Oreo item. 
As yummy as this is, if it ever disappeared, I think it'd be really easy to replicate at home. You can take the lazy approach and eat an Oreo Thin and Reese's cup at the same time to get the same effect. It's yummy, but rather than making me want to go out and buy more, this inspires me to integrate Oreos and peanut butter into my next seasonal dessert. Like mini peanut butter cheesecake bites with Oreo crusts.  
If you liked those Reese's flavored Oreos a few years back, or the Cookie cups from the 90's, these are right up your alley. But if you can't find them, you can DIY a little snack for yourself to get the same experience. 
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