Sunday, April 29, 2018

The name is Red, it looks Purple, but it tastes like Blue

Redbull Limited Edition Blueberry - Target $2.09
I tried to find a classy way to work in a blue-bulls joke into the post title...but I failed. 
While I'm out grabbing groceries and doing other boring adult stuff, I like to grab a little treat for my boyfriend. Sometimes it's candy, sometimes it's food, but nine times out of ten, it's a random flavor of Redbull. One of his go-to pick-me-up products. 
We've tried a lot of flavors over the years, but never blueberry, which is rarely ever seen on its own. (Normally it's paired with trendier fruits like acai, or lumped in with red-berries.) Will this taste like real fruit? Or will it taste like blue? We shall see...
At a glance, you might not be all that impressed with this product's visual impact. It's just a skinny silver and blue can, right? Yet, as far as branding is concerned, this is quite impressive. 
This is a skinny little can, and rather than waste all that space with one giant logo (like Coke or Pepsi) Redbull has all the necessary information big, bold, and front and center with, not one...not two...but THREE logos wedged in! We have a text-version of the logo, the bull imagery, and even the pop-tab at the top of the can is a freaking cut out of the bull logo. The best part? Despite the repetition, it's not visually overwhelming or obnoxious! The simplified color scheme keeps everything looking clean and quite modern. 
Redbull worked their logo and branding into every nook and cranny that they could, while keeping the end-product looking very streamlined, and as a designer, I'm totally into it. 
Once opened, the liquid inside smells like Wild Berries Gummy Lifesavers. After the initial aroma-shock wore off, the scent evolved into canned blueberry pie filling, a little overly processed, but still incredibly more authentic than I ever imagined. 
As I poured some of the drink into a glass I realized the (processed) authenticity didn't stop at it's scent, the color was surprisingly natural as well. I expected this to pour out looking like Pepsi Blue (you guys remember Pepsi Blue?), instead I was plesantly surprised by this deep purple coloring. Not bad, Redbull. Not bad.   
After taking a sip, I can happily say this is one of the best Redbull flavors I have ever had. I think it was last summer, or early fall, when I reviewed the limited edition Pink Grapefruit version, which was my number one Redbull flavor of all time, and I still stand by that statement, but I dub this Blue version my official number two. The sweet berry notes are balanced by the tanginess of the carbonation, and the overall flavoring hides a lot of the chemical aftertaste that puts me off normal energy drinks, but it's still there, lurking in the background.
Overall, this drink tastes like blueberry pie filling, in soda-form, with some energy-drink-chemicals tossed in for good measure. It gives me flashbacks to the pie-themed sodas released by Jones, but with more of a kick (and oddly enough more authentic? How is that even possible?) 
If you like Wild Berries Gummy Lifesavers, you're going to love this! However, if you're a big fan of real blueberries, like my boyfriend, you'll still enjoy this, but you might not be as enamored as I was. He took a few sips and said he really liked it, but he felt like it tasted like grape soda more than any kind of traditional berries. I think his taste buds are broken.  
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