Monday, April 30, 2018

The Dark Horse of The #MyOreoCreation Contest

Kettle Corn Oreos - Target $2.99
I blink, and Oreo releases a boatload of new abominations flavors. 
I was going to ignore them (since I suck at blogging and all) but I had to run to target today to grab some ice cream sandwiches for my boyfriend. (It's a long story, but the short version is, Aldi was sold out.) I walk into Target, all determined to run to the freezer aisle, grab the sandwiches, and get our before my groceries in the car melt...and there it is. 
A big ol' display with all three of the newest releases front and center. Their calorie-crushing siren song worked, and my 60 day diet has officially been drowned, but hey! I'm blogging again! (Woo!) 
So let's find out if these gimmicky contest cookies are worth the calories!
Oreo packaging hasn't changed, they all follow a cookie cutter format, which works for the branding because it's cohesive, but it's no fun to talk about. So we're skipping the aesthetics portion of the post and jumping right into the review. 
(Please take a moment to appreciate the popcorn in these photos. I popped an entire bag just for photo prop purposes. Don't worry, I'm still frugal as ever, I bagged the rest into portioned ziploc baggies for this week's lunch boxes. #momlife #imnotreallyamom #imjustnotcoolanymore)  
I expected this to be the Oreo-equivelent of Jelly Belly's buttered popcorn bean, which is something people either love, or hate. I am in the latter category, so I braced myself for an artificial butter-flavored disaster.  
When I peeled back the plastic seal...I was very pleasantly surprised. The scent is sweet, with a heavy dose of vanilla, mixed with a light buttery aroma, and a touch of caramel. This is infinitely better than I ever expected. (But my expectations were really REALLY low.) Scent-wise, this is way more caramel-corn than it is kettle-corn, but I really don't mind the inaccuracy. This smells fantastic, but how do they taste? 
When twisted open, you can see that there is something mixed into the creme. These are "puffed millet pieces," which sounds like something you would feed to your pet parakeet, but they honestly do a great job mimicking the tiny fluffy kernel bits of popcorn that you'll find in the bottom of your bucket or bag.
When you combine the soft, but chewy, millet pieces with the sweet, and slightly salty, butter flavored creme filling, the end result is a really delicious cookie...but it's not a perfect dupe for it's name-sake. Kettle corn is lightly sweet and salty all at once, and the creme is far more sweet than anything else. Although it's very yummy, this leans more towards the caramel corn side than anything else, I'd even say this is a pretty nice Cracker Jack (popcorn portion only) dupe. It's mostly sweet, a little salty, and it's definitely delicious. 
When eaten with the cookie, which is just the normal golden Oreo base, we run into the classic problem all Limited Edition Oreos have. The cookie weakens the creme filling's flavor. The salty, buttery, notes are lessened by the mild vanilla cookie base, but this is still a very snackable limited edition Oreo. (And it pairs very nicely with a glass of milk.) 
A long time ago, a reader suggested I microwave the Cinnamon Oreos for a few seconds, because she was a freaking genius, and it took that cookie to the next level. I tried that with this cookie to see if it made any difference.
I popped the cookie into the microwave for 20 seconds, and it did change things up a bit. It wasn't the night and day experience I had with the cinnamon bun Oreos, but the microwaving did enhance the popcorn flavoring in the creme making this a more authentic Kettle Corn experience. 
If you are a true Kettle Corn fan, try these microwaved. I bet you'll fall in love. For the rest of us, this is a surprisingly appealing cookie that buttered-popcorn-bean-haters can enjoy. This may end of being the dark horse of the competition.  
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  1. Microwave a single cookie for 20 seconds? That seems like it would be far too much?? haha! But I will have to try this on my next cheat day. I already secured a package and it is waiting for me...

    1. Ha! It totally depends on your microwave. I'd recommend 5 second intervals just to be on the safe side. (Mine is a little bit of a weakling.)