Monday, September 24, 2018

Carbonated Matcha Soda?

Matcha Ramune - Rocket Fizz
We went to brunch the other day (which is the preppiest white-girl thing I have probably ever typed), and right next-door to our hipster brunch-oasis was a Rocket Fizz. In case you don't have them in your area, Rocket Fizz is a quirky candy and novelty product franchise that has all kinds of sodas, sweets, and squirrel underpants? Yeah, it's like the Spencer's gifts of snacks. All those crazy Chicken Wing flavored sodas and stuff you'd seen the guys on Wreckless Eating and Cult Moo drink? (Which are two of my favorite Youtube-foodie channels.) They've got it!
I wasn't too adventurous with my selections, so if you want to see some gross sodas, check out these videos, but I did pick up this matcha ramune. I've had tons of match flavored sweets over the years, but I've never had a matcha soda. This could be interesting...
What we have here is your standard marble ramune bottle, which is cute and fun to open, but the labeling is pretty much slapped together clip-art with a cute face thrown in for the "kawaii" marketability factor. I definitely didn't buy this for it's looks. Wait a minute...
What the heck is this nonsense? 
Cancer?! Birth Defects?! Those are some pretty intense claims for something being sold in a gag-shop. After some google searching I think I am in the clear to drink this, but I was a little unnerved and before even trying this stuff, I had a bad taste in my mouth. 
I popped the cap and pop'd the marble, which is always a fun process, and took a sniff. This stuff smells like matcha mixed with sugar and yogurt. It's very similar to the match flavored candy chews you can find from tons of brands in every Asian grocery store snack aisle. It's a familiar smell, and quite pleasant, but I'm a little anxious to see how this tastes with carbonation.
I took a sip, and it certainly tastes green. The carbonation is a little on the light side, like cola that was opened at the beginning of a party that you're several hours into, and the flavoring is a very sweet, and slightly cloying match powder with a hint of yogurt and Pocari Sweat. It's better than I expected, but it still tastes like one of the saddest marble sodas I've ever had, and it's definitely not worthy of potential birth defects... 
Unless you're really super into matcha-yogurt candy, and you don't plan on ever having children...this is an inventive drink you can ignore. Oh, and by the way, my green tea loving boyfriend was intrigued...but totally hated this stuff. So even green tea and matcha lovers may want to steer clear of this one. 
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