Tuesday, September 25, 2018

My FAVORITE Oreo of 2018! (& Why I Love Oreo Thins)

Pistachio Oreo Thins - Shop Rite $2.50 ea.
I am kicking myself. I have a jar filled with real pistachios sitting right on my kitchen counter that would have made these photos look fantastic...but I completely forgot about them until I was editing this post. I flirted with the idea of re-shooting just to satisfy my perfectionist nature....but we both know I barely blog as it is. If I buy another brand new unopened package just to re-shoot these pics...this is never getting written up. 
So, for my sake, imagine delicious pistachios, both shelled and un-shelled, sprinkled about these photos making me look like a domestic foodie goddess I aspire to be, not the frazzled sometimes-foodie I actually am. (Really living up to the name the past 2 years...)
With today's review, the title completely gives my opinion away, so there's no use dancing around it now. These are the best Oreo I have eaten all year.

When Oreo thins were first announced, I really thought they were going to be a flop. I, personally, have always enjoyed the cookie more than the creme filling, but I know I am in the minority. The general public and their love of double or even mega stuff'd oreos have spoken, more is always better, and what Thins had to offer was less. Less cookie and less creme. Who would pay the same price for these as they would normal Oreos? 
Me. I would.  
Oreo Thins are the potato chip of the Oreo world. How could I have been so blind?! These are so thin and delicious and snackable that you can eat an entire sleeve without thinking. They are DANGEROUS, and they came in tried and true flavors. The classic Oreo in thin-form (yum!), Mint (Double Yum) Golden (Boring, but yum!) and Lemon (Yum!). Then, the fancy flavors attacked arrived... 
We had salted caramel and coconut, both yummy, but now...pistachio. My ice cream Achilles heel. Pistachio is a rather delicate nutty flavor, and even though I love it, it's not exactly America's favorite ice cream flavor. I was very surprised to see this flavor enter the ring, and more-so I was excited to try it.
When opened, visually, the cookies look just like the mint variety, but they smell sweet, creamy, and a little nutty. The pistachio scent was mild and a little almond-like, which smelled lovely, but fairly weak. I was nervous that the chocolate cookie portion would overshadow the filling like so many limited edition Oreos in the past, after all, there was less of it, but oh man...are these good. 
On it's own, the cream is a velvety pistachio paradise. It tastes sweet, extra creamy, a little rich, and nutty. It's just like pistachio ice cream, just at room temperature! I freaking love it and my go-to way to eat these is to twist them apart and eat the creme on it's own and then to eat the thin cookie like chip-shells as a chaser, but these are great eaten whole too! (Which is NOT something I can say for all the limited edition flavors we drowned in this year.) 
I may have forgotten the pistachios, but check out my trendy glass bottle of milk and eco-friendly paper straw! At first, eaten together, these do taste like a normal Oreo Thins, maybe there's a little extra nuttiness, but its nearly undetectable. Then, the warm, creamy, pistachio ice cream aftertaste sets in and it's just...addicting. A sleeve (or two) of these and a cold glass of milk and you are set my friend. 
Over the years, blogging or not blogging, I have eaten a LOT of Oreos. I may love certain flavors, but it's pretty rare for me to buy several packages of the same flavor. Usually I get through one and there are already three new flavors on the horizon waiting to take it's space in my pantry. That being said, other than whatever I plan on reviewing, we don't usually have Oreos in our pantry.   
When it comes to these pistachio Oreo Thins, we already decimated a package and I have 2 back-ups in the pantry as I type this. This is my new favorite (permanent) Oreo flavor and they better stick around otherwise I will not be responsible for my actions.  
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  1. I love Oreos! I love pistachios! I will definitely be on the hunt for these.

  2. I do wish that the wafers were golden oreos to match the pistachio concept.

  3. I found my fellow Oreo buddy. I find any of the Oreo products with double or mega stuffing to be repugnant -- I prefer it thin, often scrape off and dump most of the filling, and just like a "hint" of it. For that reason, I always loved the Oreo Cookie Straws which had a mere hint of that filling, and, the Thins -- because less filling.

    Found your blog today, and found this post, and hey -- someone else out there feels as I do! We're still the minority, but -- ! :)