Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I've Got Grape News! (Seriously)

Senjaku Pione Grape Gummies  - ???
No need to hear it through the grape vine, I'm engaged! 
My boyfriend fiancĂ© whom you may remember from such posts as The Week My Boyfriend Went Keto, or driving me crazy at the end of THIS youtube video, proposed to me on Valentine's Day inside the Dunkin' Donuts from our very first date. (This donut review is actually from that date!)
After 3+ years of having him try all kinds of weird foods, it seems he's in it for the long haul. We've got a lot of planning ahead of us, but in the meantime....let's eat some candy!
I don't even remember where I bought these. Or when. (Should I be concerned?) They might have been part of my giant store-closing haul from The Asian Food Markets, or they could have come from H-Mart. Either way, it's a pretty standard package and nothing to really write home about. At this point in my food blogging adventures, resealable and gusseted bags are quite common, and even though the metallic colors and imagery are nice to look at, they aren't innovative, unique, or all that fun. So, unlike a lot of Asian sweets, the packaging didn't pull me in with it's utter cuteness. This time I just wanted some gummies. 
Photos don't really express how small this package really is. It's about the size of my hand (for the record, I DO have rather large hands), so you don't get too many candies inside. Despite it's resealable nature, this is 1-2 servings. Tops. 
The pink-ish lavender puck-shaped gummies inside smell sweet and authentically fruity, like concord grapes, and they appear to be slightly wrinkled on their tops with granulated sanding sugar on the outside. They smell pretty delicious, but the aroma isn't all that different from the Kasugai branded grape gummies I have had in the past. 
I think the wrinkled surfaces are from some kind of semi-liquid filling of some kind. I popped a few candies into my mouth and the flavoring was okay. It's a more realistic concord grape than we have in American gummy candies, but it's not as crisp and authentic as other Asian gummy brands. According to the sticker on the back these have artificial pear flavoring? I think that might be a typo... 
The filling is...odd. It's not a liquid, like a Gusher or Starburst gummy candy, it's more like a semi-solid. Texturally, it's almost gel-like with little stiffer jelly clumps. Not the world's most satisfying gummy eating experience.  
Sadly, these were some of the most disappointing gummies I have ever had from Asia and I found that after eating I was left with a fake-sugar-like sweetener after taste that I just couldn't shake. I can't read the packaging, but I feel like whatever is written in the red ribbon has done me dirty. 
There are much better concord grape gummies out there, don't waste you time with the import prices on this one. 
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