Friday, February 22, 2019

Moguchuu? I Barely Know You!

Yaokin Moguchuu Cola  - Rocket Fizz $1.49
These came from Rocket Fizz, which is a nifty chain of novelty shops that sell candies, wacky gifts, and tons of weird sodas. In fact, I think they carry pretty much every novelty soda there is, from Buffalo Wing to Apple Pie, to Grass. I was very temoted to get a bunch of weird drinks but, as fun as that is, weird sodas usually aren't that good. They're great for a, "wow! That was weird," moment, but after the initial novelty wears off, the drinks are rarely worth repurchasing. So, I opted for some quirky snacks instead.
I can barely keep my eyes open ('cause I'm getting old dying) so let's get right into this quickie review!  
Visually, the color scheme and graphics read very "American."  We have lots of primary colors with hints of secondary ones and some stars thrown in for good measure. It's bold, it's garish, it's 'Merica...but actually, this is Japanese. (As if you couldn't tell by the characters on the packaging...) 
Judging by the translated sticker on the back, the shape of the packaging, and the soda imagery on the front, I am guessing these are a cola flavored chew similar to Hi-Chew, Puccho, and other chewy Starburst-like sweets. 
Inside, the individual candies are wrapped in a patterned foil, similar to Puccho.  
Unwrapped, the chew is an off-white color with a tan-ish interior, and it smells sweet, tangy and a little citrusy. Overall, the scent is very similar to Haribo cola bottles, but with a bit more emphasis on the lemony-aspect.
I popped a piece into my mouth, and texturally, this is very similar to Hi-Chew and other Japanese chewy candies. It has a bouncier, almost gum-like, texture than American chews and the flavoring is bright, crisp and honestly, mouth watering. I love Haribo cola bottles, and this has all that flavor with a creamier, but still bouncy, texture.  
Although these are not a game changer, they are pretty damn tasty. It's all the delicious flavoring of Haribo cola gummies in a small, individually wrapped, chewy candy and even though price-wise Haribo will give you more bang for your buck when it comes to cola candy, there is something about this bouncy, yet creamy, texture that I can't resist. If I happen to see these around, I'd definitely re-buy them. If you like cola candies, especially gummies, I suggest giving these a try.  
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