Saturday, April 6, 2019

Who Asked For These? - Snickers Creamy (3 Different Flavors)

Snickers Creamy Squares  - Walmart
More items from my unexpected, "I just want to Walmart for Command Hooks," junkfood haul!
It's been well documented on my blog, and our defunct podcast, Candyology 101, that I I'm a MilkyWay kind of girl, but now-a-days I live in a Snickers household. My fiance and his daughter both love Snickers bars, it's their go-to candy bar and the first one to disappear in our candy drawer. (Does every home have a candy drawer? Or is that just a me-thing?) So I grabbed these thinking that I may not be a fan, but my family could potentially love them. Oh, how wrong I was...
Peanut Butter: Very underwhelming. It's kind of like a normal Snickers, but somehow, less good? I expected this to be some kind of Snickers-Reese's hybrid, but the reality is no-where near as satisfying and I can't put my finger on why that is. We have chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and peanut butter. I have no idea how it went wrong, but it did, and my fiance agreed. This was a sad, square, Snickers wanna-be. 
Maple: The maple flavoring is pretty bold, and lingers long after the rest of the components fade away but it's more artificial than I'd like. More Aunt Jemima than real maple. Also worth noting, the ground almonds don't have the satisfying texture as peanut since they're so small. A dusting of sea salt would help, but even so, it wouldn't be my favorite. This one was my fiance's least favorite as well. Right now, it's the only one still sitting in the snack-drawer, un-devoured. 
Almond: Surprisingly, this was my favorite. The almond bites were saltier than the other flavors which complimented the rest of the flavors and scratched my sweet & salty snacking itch. The almond flavoring doesn't come through as noticeably "almond," but it's certainly different enough to let you know that this isn't your average Snickers product. This was my fiance's favorite too and the first one to bite the dust. 
Sorry, Snickers, these are terribly unsatisfying. The only one worth snacking is the almond, but even then we collectively rather have a normal Snickers instead.
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