Monday, August 26, 2019

I Love A Good Gimmick

Karma Probiotic Drinks  - Aldi
I hate diet drinks, but I bought this anyway because I NEED to push this button. I bet tons of these products are ruined in-store by impulsive kids (and some adults.) Look, I totally get it, because I really wanted to push it too, but if I did that and did NOT buy it afterwards, I'd feel like a monster. (Which you should.) So into my cart it went! 
Flavoring water with powder has been around for ages, but this is the first time I have seen it stored inside the cap and utilized in this interactive push-button way. I feel like it's pretty self explanatory. You push a button, releasing flavor dust, and then you shake the bottle turning plain water into a colorful (allegedly) flavorful experience. 
Yet, the packaging is covered with step-by-step guides and illustrations showing you exactly what to do. This level of spoon-feeding instructions seems like overkill to me, but we live in a world where people still attempt to microwave foil-wrapped Pop-Tarts, so maybe I'm just in denial.
The Gimmick: Pushing buttons is fun, and his little plastic mechanism brought me more joy than it had any right to. The only issue I have with this push-cap flavor release system is that you can only do it once, kind of like popping bubble wrap. Once the joy of the initial "pop!" is over, you're left wanting more. If they ever made a bottle covered in little push-buttons, I'd be in trouble. 
The Taste: Oof. Once you get over the fake sugar and artificial-ness, it's not that bad, but that is a pretty big hurdle for me to get over. Maybe something is wrong (or right) with my taste-buds, because I have no idea how people can drink all these no-sugar diet products. They turn my stomach, torture my tongue, and occasionally trigger my vertigo. This tastes like diet Country Time pink lemonade, which is drinkable, but nothing I would choose over normal non-flavored water. 
Even though I absolutely love the fidget-spinner-like joy I get from popping the cap and releasing the flavor powder, this is not a product I would ever recommend or repurchase. Those of you who have evolved stomachs that can enjoy diet beverages and fake sugars, you might dig this, and it beats carrying little pouches around, but my fellow Cro-Magnon plain-water-drinking diet-sugar-haters, this one just isn't for us.   
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