Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Candy Cane Slathered in Vick's Vapor Rub With A Listerine Chaser

Super Mint  - H-Mart
We've tried Super Lemon, Super Cola, Super Soda, Super Ginger, and Super Umeboshi. Now, get ready for Super Mint! Hopefully this "powerful" candy can clear the stale blog-post-less air! 
Apparently the "Super" line of candies expanded when I wasn't looking. What used to be big bags of large, round, individually wrapped hard candies, have now added tiny powerful "tablets" to the mix. This new tablet candy comes in a small resealable pouch with the same bizarre pop-art comic-panel branding I know and love. This time we have a starry eye'd male character with a pale green mint motif. It's a little clunky and obnoxious, and I love it. 
"Oh, Powerful Tablet!" The terminology sounds medicinal (and a little sexual), but in theory, these are powerful breath mints. Right? How intense can they be?
I opened the pouch and took a whiff. This smells like a candy cane slathered in Vick's Vapor Rub with a Listerine chaser. It's a bold mentholated aroma that really perked me up while sitting at my desk and I am pretty sure it cleared my sinuses. 
The tablets look like shiny white plastic buttons, unlike the matte-finish blue-flakes breath mints I am used to, but their domed round shape help to distinguish them from medicine. 
I popped a tablet into my mouth and HOLY MINTY MUTINY, Batman! They really aren't kidding. A few of the other "Super" flavors just don't live up to the name, but this? This is POWERFUL. 
Imagine Certs on steroids. The minty flavoring leans a lot more medicinal and throat lozenge than it does candy, but I don't hate it. The Vick's Vapor Rub aroma is exactly what this tastes like, it's minty, but a medicinal minty. Almost like I ate something that isn't meant to be eaten. On top of the bold mentholated flavoring, there is this cooling effect (most likely from the fake sugar) that intensifies things causing my tongue, my nasal passages, and the back of my throat to feel cool, and almost numb! 
I shared this with my family and, surprisingly, this was a huge hit! Everyone loves the intense minty coolness and although I don't think they all truly enjoyed the flavoring, the novelty of the intensity was a definite 10/10! 
One of these tablets will definitely perk you up if you're feeling sluggish at work and it might just clear your sinuses. If you like strong minty flavors, this is the BEST I have ever tried. The novelty alone is tons of fun. imagine the after dinner reactions when friends ask for gum or a breath mint! I plan on buying so more just to keep on hand for cold and flu season, and I highly recommend giving these a try! 
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