Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Feeling Salty

Sea Salted Caramel and Chocolate Truffle Pint - Lidl
I decimated the banana pint last week, so it's time to crack open something new. Let's see how the creatively named "sea salted caramel and chocolate truffle" compares.
Uh-oh, looks like this might have melted and re-solidified at some point. I'm still going to move forward with the review, but take it with a grain of sea-salt. (i.e. Mix-ins might be better distributed in a non-melted pint.)  
I was worried it was going to taste like caramel coffee flavoring, but thankfully that isn't the case. It's a bit hard to describe actually. The base certainly tastes like caramel, but it's lighter, less intense, and just a tiny bit salty. It reminds me of the insides of a Snickers ice cream bar, just without the chocolate shell and peanuts. Creamy and sweet, with just enough salt to keep it from being too cloying.
I had to do a bit of digging to find the caramel swirl and truffles, but I am pretty sure they sank to the bottom during the re-solidifying process, so I won't hold that against the pint.
The caramel swirls taste just like the pump-able ice cream topping you'd find in any ice cream shop. It's comforting, recognizable, and average quality. There is a slight saltiness to it, but it's just enough to offset all the sweetness and keep you coming back for more. 
There might have been more peanut butter cups in the banana pint, but the caramel truffles are still pretty easy to find. Sadly, unlike the peanut butter cups, these don't pack much of a punch. They are fun to seek out and add necessary texture, but they taste like average quality chocolate and their filling is overshadowed by all the other caramel flavors in this mix. If you eat one entirely on it's own, the filling inside does seem to be more heavily salted, but when it's eaten in a spoonful with the swirl and ice cream it becomes really one-note and unremarkable. 
Eaten straight from the freezer with a spoon, this is just too "one note" for me. Still, it's not a bad pint for the price and it has potential. Add some salted peanuts and you have yourself a pint of Snickers, or sprinkle it with a little fleur de sel to punch up the salted truffle factor. Or, treat yourself to a delicious caramel flavored affogato. I'm not loving this pint as much as the banana one, so I probably won't re-buy it, but I hope it sticks around because I am sure caramel lovers could really take advantage of it's versatility. 
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