Monday, August 3, 2020

An Unconventional Taco Tuesday

Crispy Taco Chips - Aldi
Today is Taco Tuesday and I just so happen to have a bag of taco-themed chips in my stash begging to be reviewed. (It's almost like I planned it or something.) 
Before we jump into it, I just want to take a moment to appreciate this packaging. This won't be mistaken for Lays or any other name-brand product, but it still manages to catch the eye with it's bright colors and patterns. Even the food imagery is crisp and appealing. Although it looks more like a Taco-Bell-taco than anything authentic, which is a promise a flavored potato chip might actually be able to keep.
When opened, they smell like sour cream with a hit of smokey onions and chili powder. I'd say the scent in definitely in the taco-ballpark, but it's not quite a home run. (Unless you cover your tacos in sour cream.) Regardless, a bunch of seasoning/herb bits puffed out of the bag and into my photo set-up when I opened it, so I took that as a sign that these were going to be really intense and flavorful... 
They weren't. How can something so colorful and bold-looking taste so...mild? I mean look at these things! They're reddish-orange and covered in little green bits! Yet, the first thing I can taste is salt, followed by sour cream, onion, a healthy amount of potato, and the finish is chili powder mixed with more onion. There is a somewhat tomato-y salsa hint in there, but the main flavor-stars here are sour cream, onion, and chili powder. These do not taste like the photo on the bag, unless you're eating seasoned potato-tacos smothered in sour cream, which is probably a thing somewhere, but as-is, these aren't going to scratch anyone's Taco-Tuesday-itch.
I'm picking on these, but they're really not bad. The flavoring is light and creamy, easy to snack on, and it's a nice change of pace from a standard sour cream and onion chip, but once this bag is gone (which will take a while) I don't see myself craving more or really missing them. 
If you're looking for an intense taco-experience right out of the bag, this isn't it. Where these chips can really shine is as an ingredient in something even more decadent, like loaded potato chip nachos, or inside a Cuban sandwich, or as breading for chicken breasts. 
These ended up being a bit of a snacking flop for me, so I wouldn't re-buy them, but I will have fun trying to figure out ways to use them up.  
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