Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Snackbusters: 4 Aldi Chip Reviews in one post!

If there's something weird
And it don't look good
Who you gonna call
This really has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. I was going through my food stash and decided to review a bunch of Aldi snacks in one fell swoop and with all the hype, and rage, surrounding the new movie, the original Ghostbusters theme got stuck in my head. So, Snackbusters was born! I doubt this will be a recurring thing on the blog, but I gotta get some of this food stuff outta here and this is the best way to go about it. We've got a little bit of everybody here, Specially Selected, G-Free, and Clancy's. Let's get started!

Packaging: Follows the usual black-heavy design with a pop of color format, okay imagery, nice semi-matte finish. Not bad, but the stark backdrop makes the overall look pretty harsh instead of mature and classy.

Smell: Salty, smokey, and a little cheesy, but overall very mild. If I didn't know any better I'd think these were bacon cheddar.

Taste: Overall, very mild flavor. Great kettle chip crunch, light salty with a mild cheesy flavoring, and a smokey meaty finish. It wasn't love at first bite, but once I got started I couldn't stop snacking. Wish the Parmesan flavoring was a bit stronger, but I would still buy these again.

Packaging: The blue sky themed backdrop for this line is growing on me, and it's a nice contrast to the orange-red chips. A little busy, but it works. 

Smell: Sweet and spicy, very reminiscent of the Lay's Do Us A Flavor Sriracha chips, but they're also kind of...cheesy? I detect a hint of cheddar in there as well.

Taste: Delicious! Best chips of the four to be honest! Due to the veggie chip base the crunch is very different from your run-of-the-mill potato chip, it's a bit thicker and a little tougher, but the flavoring is fantastic. Sweet, spicy, crunchy and savory. Again, very like the older Lay's Do Us A Flavor version which was my personal favorite. I shared these with friends and regardless of gluten allergies and dietary needs, these were popular with everyone! Definite repurchase!

Packaging: The least fancy bag, but one of the most eye catching due to the bright pop of color. I love this shade of yellow, and compared to how Clancy's chip bags used to look, this is a big improvement. The typefaces and layout still look pretty generic though, so there's no way this is passing as a name brand product.

Smell: Like...Taco seasoning? This smells very cumin-heavy, pepper-y, and kind of meaty. It reminds me of pre-mixed taco seasoning packets. Not a very Cajun aroma, but it is appealing.

Taste: They taste like a walking taco mixed with chicken Paprikash, which is a Hungarian dish my family makes during the holidays. (I'm a European mutt with mostly Italian and Hungarian heritage.) The flavoring isn't what I think of when I think of Cajun cooking or spice blends, but it is really tasty! Like a more intense Paprika Pringle! It has all the flavor of paprika with a bit of a spicy kick. Another flavor I would definitely repurchase!

Packaging: Matte finish, photographs beautifully, but this one isn't passing as a name-brand any time soon.  The choice of yellow is a bit hard to read, but the imagery is nice.

Smell: Very light, but authentic, Dijon mustard aroma. Sweet and vinegary mustard mixed with salty kettle chips. 

Taste: Pretty on-par with the kettle style honey mustard chips I got from Target a few years ago. Wonderful kettle crunch, but "meh" as far as flavoring. The mustard was too mild for me as a stand alone snack, but these are a good chip to layer in your sandwiches for some added texture. Wouldn't re-buy, but I can easily finish this off if I have to. 
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