Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Join Me As I Eat My Feelings

Banana Chocolate P.B. Cup Pint 
 - Lidl
It's been really rough here in the Sometimes Foodie household, and when things get rough, it's time to indulge in comfort food. A Lidl opened in my area, which is an Aldi competitor, and I couldn't resist stopping in to take a look at the competition. 
In a lot of ways, they are quite similar, with their cheap produce and no-frills brands, but Lidl does have a few features that stand out. They have a bakery area where you can buy freshly baked goods, a larger refrigerated area, and a MUCH larger freezer aisle. First thing I did was make my way to the ice cream freezer and grab some pints. I opted for today's Banana P.B. Cup and a Salted Caramel flavor I'll be taking a look at next week. 
Let's pop this pint open and eat away our feelings!
The base is a sweet, creamy banana, with a hint of green tanginess. Since banana ice creams are one of my favorites I've had quite a few, and none of them have ever tasted as "green" as this one. It's unique, but not bad, and I think the tanginess is more than balanced out by the multitude of sweet mix-ins. 
Speaking of mix-ins, we have tiny peanut butter cups, fudge ribbons and (supposedly) "marshmallow swirls." 
The peanut butter cups may be small, but they pack a powerful peanut-y punch and are pretty plentiful. (Alliteration anyone?) There aren't enough to have one with every bite, but I am more than satisfied with what's there and the combination of banana and peanut butter is a match made in heaven.
Then we have the fudge swirls. These taste more like chocolate magic shell than they do "fudge." It gives the bites without peanut butter cups more of a chocolate-covered-banana vibe, which I really enjoy but calling this "fudge" is a bit of a stretch. Still, it brings more sweetness to the table and I really enjoy seeking it out with my spoon.  
My only real gripe are the "marshmallow swirls." Either I got a marshmallow-less pint, or they are indistinguishable from the ice cream. I would have liked more of a marshmallow-y presence, but that didn't stop me from destroying this entire pint. 
I am a sucker for banana ice creams, and for the price, this one is tough to beat, and as must as it pains me to say's better than Aldi's Banana Bonanza. (For the record I am not a fan of walnuts, so I will take peanut butter cups over walnuts any day.) If you're looking for something sweet this weekend, that won't break the bank, be sure to stop at Lidl and check out their ice cream section to give it a try for yourself.
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  1. So sorry to hear that things have been rough. Wishing you peace, strength, and comfort for whatever you're going through.