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Oreo Barista Battle: Tiramisu vs. Latte

Tiramisu and Latte Oreos 
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Lady fingers, espresso, marscarpone, and cocoa powder. What's not to love? Tiramisu is one of my absolutely favorite desserts, so I was very glad to see Oreo's newest limited edition flavor, but then it got me thinking...didn't we have something like this already? 
There was a Tiramisu themed Oreo Thin released in Korea, (which I did try ages ago and never blogged about.) And here in America, Oreo released a Dunkin' Donuts themed mocha flavored cookie not too long ago as well. Both were successful flavors, but didn't make it to the permanent flavor line-up. I could have sworn there was a generic coffee flavored Oreo offered year round, but Google couldn't find anything like that. Maybe it's one of those time-traveling phenomenon things, like the "Berenstain bears." (I SWEAR it was STEIN when I was a kid.) 
Anyway, Oreo was releasing two espresso themed flavors at once here in the states, the limited edition Tiramisu, and the permanent Latte Oreo Thin, and wanted to see how they compared to one another and if the Tiramisu was any different from Dunkin's Mocha. Let the coffee cookie competition commence!    
Tiramisu Oreos: Two-toned filling, one thin layer of white, and another thin layer of creamy coffee-colored beige sandwiched between two classic chocolate Oreo cookies. The coffee coloring looks darker than the Dunkin version. Yet, it smells mildly of coffee and cocoa with a generic icing sweetness. Just like the Dunkin' version. 
The filling on it's own is surprisingly bland. It's softer than normal, sweet, with a hint of coffee and cream. I can tell that this is going for some kind of coffee-like dessert, but it lacks the espresso-punch of the Tiramisu I'm familiar with, and if memory serves, I think the Dunkin version packed a bit more of a coffee-like punch. It's still delicious, but it's not living up to my expectations. 
I was worried that the cookie would overpower the creme filling, but the deep cocoa flavoring of the classic cookie really complimented the coffee notes. (You bakers out there know that chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven.) Turns out, this is one of the rare flavored Oreo cookies that actually tastes best when enjoyed as a whole cookie rather than eating the creme filling on it's own. Especially when dunked into milk. With milk, the cookie crunch softens and more-so mimics the texture of it's dessert namesake. As far as Oreos go, this is a more subtle flavor, but it's rather successful.
How will the Latte Thins compare?  
Latte Thins: Wow! Right off the bat, these smell more intensely of espresso than the Tiramisu variety. The scent immediately reminded me of the chocolate covered espresso beans I used to eat from the vending machine inside Kitchen Kapers at the Cherry Hill Mall. It's a really lovely aroma that even a casual coffee drinker like me can appreciate. 
On it's own, the filling is surprisingly stretchy in texture, certainly more firm than the Tiramisu filling, but it doesn't taste as intensely as it smelled. This more-so tastes like coffee ice cream. It's got bolder coffee notes than the Tiramisu, with a slight coffee-breath aftertaste, but it's still very creamy and sweet. A beautiful companion to my absolute favorite Oreo of all time, Pistachio Oreo Thins. Both have flavors that mimic delicious ice cream flavors, and I am 100% here for it.  
Combined with the cookie, the chocolate notes boost the coffee flavoring giving it a more espresso-like profile, but it's still extremely sweet and ice cream like. Which is not a bad thing at all, but it's a bit too sweet for consistent snack-ability. However, a cold glass of milk completely changes everything. 
These Latte Oreo Thins, paired with milk, are just...heavenly. When eaten that way, I think they blow Tiramisu completely out of the water.  
It's been a while since I've had the Korean Tiramisu Oreos, but I think I can safely say, between those, the new American Tiramisu Oreo, and these Latte thins...the Thins are the clear winner. They pack so much delicious espresso flavoring into such a tiny, addicting, cookie shell. If you're in any way a fan of coffee, coffee ice cream, or Oreos, you owe it to yourself to give these a try. I am a casual coffee drinker at best, and I am absolutely in love with these. 
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  1. I like them, I mean, it's an oreo cake. But this doesnt taste like tiramisu let alone even the smallest hint of coffee? The first thought I had was that it tastes identical to a Dunkaroo.