Tuesday, September 8, 2020

This Mineral Water is my Beer


S. Pellegrino Essenza, Dark Morello Cherry and Pomegranate - Lidl

Another thing Lidl has going for it is their well stocked beverage case with lots of ready-to-grab single beverages spanning from sodas, to juices, to kombucha and more! Aldi does offer refrigerated single beverages, but the options are pretty limited. (It's mostly a handful of kombucha flavors and Classic Coca-Cola.)

It was a hot day, so I thought I would treat myself to a few fancy beverages to review! First up, this fancy bubbly water with it's incredibly long name! 

S.Pellegrino is one of those brands that has kept their packaging classic and consistent. They change things slightly here or there, but they aren't out to reinvent the wheel or break the mold, simply because they don't have to. Here we have a tall skinny can, in a lovely shade of dusty metallic pink, with simple line art and the classic S.Pellegrino-band branding. The little foil cap protecting the pull-tab area is something they are known for, and it elevates the product to a more premium level. (I can't be the only one who feels a little bougie when they take the foil lid off their drink.)

When opened, the liquid inside is crystal clear, and it smells sweet and fruity. I mostly smell notes of deep, almost over-ripe, cherries, no hint of pomegranate, but the smell is certainly appealing.  

Taking a sip, I think this tastes like candy, more specifically, gummi bears, but I like sparkling water and seltzer and drink it frequently, which means that I am experiencing this differently than someone who does not.

For example, I have tried beer for many years and still haven't acquired a taste for it. My friends are always coming over with fancy seasonal or local brews to share, saying things like, "it tastes like cherry cola", or "coffee," or "peanut butter," and so I take a sip...and it certainly does NOT taste like any of those things to me. (It tastes like a missed opportunity to make bread.) Still, I try everything with an open mind and understand that to them, it probably DOES taste that way. 

That being said, I think this mineral water is my beer. I take a sip of this and I can taste deep, sweet, cherry notes, a little bit of pomegranate, and a playful combination of red and green Haribo gummy bears. But in sparkling-water form. 

As far as flavored sparkling water beverages go, I think this is a really fun one and I really enjoy the change-up from my usual citrus flavors (I tend to drink lime, lemon or grapefruit), but I think this might be a little too expensive for my everyday drinking. I consider this to be a dessert mineral water, kind of like dessert wine. Does that make sense to you? Because it makes sense to me.

I really liked this and would see myself buying it again, especially in the spring and summer. If you like flavored seltzer, or sparkling water, or whatever fancy water with bubbles is calling itself these days, do yourself a favor and give this one a try.   

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  1. Something about this flavor actually reminded me of beer xD