Thursday, September 10, 2020

M&M's, Trying to Score Some Brownie Points

Fudge Brownie m&m's

I'm not really sure what to expect here, I mean, fudge brownies are more of a textural experience than anything else, right? They taste like chocolate, ideally fudgey chocolate, but chocolate none-the-less. How are you going to take an already chocolate based candy and make that taste like a chocolate brownie? It's the texture, right? So let's see what's inside this thing!

Like most of the filled m&m's, these are a bit larger than normal and they're irregular in size and shape. I decided to give my first impression eating it normally, then savoring it, then trying the center on it's own (if I can manage it.) 

First taste, the overall texture is similar to the caramel filled m&m's, the candy overall has a softer bite and gives away easily, but when eaten like a normal m&m, just chomping away, the flavor distinction is rather minimal. You have the crunchy candy shell, the chocolate inside, and then there is a mild brownie batter-ish aftertaste that reminds me of ice cream mix-ins that are meant to mimic brownie batter, or hot fudge ice cream topping sold in glass jars in the grocery store. It's yummy, but nothing all that intense or impressive and texturally the different between these and slightly warm normal m&m's is practically existent. 

Second time around I chewed slowly and tried to savor the candy, this yielded a more Riesen-like experience, and I LOVE Riesens. (For those of you who don't know, Riesen are a delicious dental-work-hating dark chocolate caramel covered in a layer of dark chocolate. They are phenomenal.) 

Third time I tried to isolate the center as best I could, and the texture was surprisingly caramel-like! It's stiff, but pliable, and on it's own it teeters between Riesen and a chocolate Sugar Baby. "Fudge brownie" isn't all that accurate a name for these. I am leaning more "chocolate caramel", especially after eating the center on its own. Despite it's inaccuracy, I can't blame them for going with "Fudge Brownie." It's far more decadent and appealing to the general public than a chocolate caramel, which sounds pretty clunky when I say it out loud. 

Ultimately these made me crave a bag of Riesens, not more Fudge Brownie m&m's, but I definitely wouldn't kick a bag of these out of my candy drawer. 

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