Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A Taste of Summer in the Dead of Winter - Peach Hibiscus Kombucha

Lidl Peach Hibiscus Summer Tropics Kombucha

For the record, this isn't one of my "oops, I meant to review this," products. I'm not sure if this is a super early release, or leftover stock from summer, but there was tons of it on the shelves at Lidl and it's not expired. Why not give it a shot? It can be a little taste of summer as I prepare for more snow on Sunday. 

When opened, I found that this flavor in particular was more pungent than other kombuchas I've had in the past, and I don't mean that in a good way. I know kombucha is fermented tea, and fermented anything is always a funky-smelling affair, but as I left the cap off the bottle to write this review it definitely filled my room with a decent level of 'bucha-stank. It's not a terrible aroma in and of itself, but it's definitely in the realm of, "when was the last time I took out the garbage?" It's a funky fermented fruity smell, which given what kombucha is, makes complete sense so I can't really fault it for being what it is, but it is note-worthy. 

Peach tends to be a heavy-handed fruit, syrupy and sweet, especially in juice or beverage form, but this is surprisingly light. I can mostly taste peach notes towards the front of my tongue, and that's about it. It's a light, crispy, fuzzy peach flavor that leans toward unripe. No cloying gummy-candy-like sweetness, which I do crave on occasion, this is more peach-tea than anything else. Speaking of tea, you can really taste the tea in this flavor, the bottle says it's a mixture of black and green teas, which I can actually taste. Black tea is my tea of choice, I love it's warm flavor profile, but there is a slight earthiness, beyond the overall fermentation-earthiness, that does make me think of green tea. Then there is the hibiscus, but I don't feel familiar enough with hibiscus as a stand-alone flavor to really speak on it. 

My initial reaction is the say that I can barely taste the hibiscus addition, and it's the second to last ingredient listed, so maybe I'm right in thinking it tastes weak, but even so, the overall kombucha flavor is far from a disappointment. So I don't really mind the lack of hibiscus-ness. It definitely helped add to the pink coloring, but as far as flavor I'm not too sure what it contributed. 

This is a light peach-tea style kombucha, and like the name suggests, it would be perfect for summer sipping. It's definitely enjoyable, but it doesn't crack my top 5. I prefer darker berry-notes, like cherry, when it comes to fruity kombucha, so I don't think I'll be grabbing this particular flavor again, but it was nice to sip on something and daydream about summer, even if it did stink-up my room a bit. 

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