Monday, January 17, 2022

Sparkling Summer Seltzers in the Snow - Summer 2021 Polar Flavors

These were the summer 2021 flavors (I think), so they're not available anymore, but I wanted to review them anyway. 
This is a flavored seltzer, so does it taste like soda? No. Will it satisfy a sweet tooth craving? No. Would I ever mistake this for a cocktail? Also no. But I like it. Seltzer, is light, bubbly, and has just enough aroma/flavor to change things up from my usual filtered water or citrus-flavored seltzers. I saw a comic online somewhere that joked that when you like seltzer you're official old/dying. R.I.P. me and my youthfulness.  

Blackberry Mango Punch
- right off the bat, it smells great. You have deep berry notes mixed with sweet and kind of creamy mango. It tastes light and refreshing with a whisper of how it smells and leans a bit more mango than I expected, but you know what? I like it, and I normally am not a big mango person. 

Watermelon Mojito - I was actually really excited for this one and sadly, I was underwhelmed. It mostly tasted of lime, which is one of my go-to seltzer flavors, so it's not bad, but I buy these to change things up from my usual citrus flavors. I hoped for a bit more watermelon, and it smells slightly like unripe watermelon, but as far as taste it's mostly lime, but in a fake margarita-mix kind of way. Bright and tangy. I would drink it again if it was in another mix, but I would never seek this flavor out on it's own.  

Tropical Cherry - Smells vaguely of maraschino cherry and pineapple, basically red-colored Hawaiian Punch. Tastes like Hawaiian punch as well, but a seltzer version of it, of course. So light, and a little more adult. I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would. I would even buy it again as a stand alone flavor. If you like seltzer, and Hawaiian punch, definitely look into this one before it disappears. 

Pink Summer Iced Tea - Impressively, it kind of smells like tea?  Which given the name makes sense and should be expected, but I don't think I have ever had a tea-flavored seltzer, have I? (Quick search of the blog says, no. I am at the point where I have reviewed so much stuff I actually forget.) So I wasn't sure to expect with this one, because the name is so generic. I mean, pink summer iced tea? What is that? There are pictures of lemons, but other than that it's pink flowers and blue swirls. So lemon iced tea? What's pink about that? Pink lemonade? I took a sip, and it's kind of got some black tea notes, and something a little lemony, but that's about it. It's okay, I can finish this bottle no problem, but it isn't something that draws me in and makes me want to buy this again or reach for it over the other flavors I already reviewed. (But the label is pretty.)

Strawberry Margarita - Fruity, limey, and pretty dang good. I see a lot of cherry lime seltzers out there, but not many strawberry lime, and you can certainly taste the difference. Bright, summery, and pretty darn yummy. I would definitely repurchase this one. 

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