Friday, January 14, 2022

Clearance Cookie Candy - Sugar Cookie m&m's

I pride myself on pretty good foodie-judgement, and I hate wasting money. If I think something sounds gross, or hyped, or scammy, I'll just skip it.

Like Swedish Fish Oreos. 

I like Swedish Fish, I like Oreos, I even like chocolate covered Swedish Fish, but when Oreo released a Swedish Fish flavor I skipped it. Knowing how they executed fruity flavors in the past...I just didn't think it would be a good time. Meanwhile other people bought them and tore them to shreds. Which is fun, because making jokes gets views, but sometimes I just rather not feed into the gross food-waste machine. Unless they go on sale. 

If these were full price, I never would have bothered with them, but post-holiday clearance? I'll allow myself a dud or two. So, sugar cookie m&m's: actually worth snacking on? Or just hyped up crispy-m&m gimmick? 

Normally we have a crispy rice center, a thin layer of milk chocolate, and a thin candy shell. This is exactly the same thing, but with a layer of sugar cookie flavored white chocolate instead of the standard milk chocolate. Personally, I feel like that one change isn't enough to revolutionize the product and make this worthy of being it's own flavor, but I am open to being wrong. 

I popped a few into my mouth, and textually they're the same as they always are, but the flavoring has changed significantly...just for the worse.

We have cloyingly sweet white chocolate with some potent fake buttery vanilla flavoring. I do not like it. Plain and simple. It reminds me of artificial vanilla and canned yellow-tinted buttercream cake frosting. It tastes different from normal crispy m&m's, so it is unique enough to warrant it's own released bag, but I don't like it and I don't want to eat much of them. 

But, I realize I am in the junk food snacking minority. I do not like canned frostings, or most iced snack cakes. Not because I am some kind of health food nut. (I mean, you see the stuff I eat on this blog.) I just don't think they taste like food. With a rare exception here or there, I think the majority of this stuff tastes like chemicals and science projects. (Canned frosting being one of the worst offenders in the grocery store. It is one of my most hated grocery items ever.)

If I want a sugar cookie, I want a buttery homemade-one, or one from a smaller bakery that tastes real, so while I must admit this product is rather sugar cookie-like, in the mass produced hockey-puck-sized grocery store kind of way, I just don't care for it. But I am a store-bought cookie hater, so take my review with a grain of salt. If you like grocery store cookies, or pre-made tubs or icing, you'll probably like this. 

I'll be putting them outside for the squirrels.  

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