Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Clark Cups - Quickie Review


Quickie review because 1: I didn't even know Clark Bars were still around, and 2: I didn't know it came in cup-form. 

A quick google search revealed this really interesting article, from 2019, back when Clark Bars were saved from extinction. The new company that acquired the recipe weren't exactly given all the facts, so they produced a lot of misshapen bars. Apparently, in an effort to use the ugly, but still delicious bars, they made these Clark Cups and started rolling them out in stores in PA. I'm all for finding ways to minimize food waste, and I love crispy peanut butter products (I still miss Butterfinger BB's), so this sounded right up my alley. 

Unwrapped, these look a lot like a Reese's cup. We have a brown paper wrapper, fluted edges, and a milk chocolate coating. But what sets it apart is it's ratios and the contents inside.  

Like Butterfinger, this Clark cup has crispy peanuty bits inside a generic peanut butter center. The center is creamier than Reese's, and a little less salty, but the added crunchy bits bump of the peanut flavoring and add a really lovely candy-like crunch. 

The chocolate to filling ratio seems a bit off, with the outer edges being solid chocolate and a little lower in chocolate quality than other peanut butter cups on the market, but you know what? It's pretty tasty. As someone who loves crispy textures, I think I might actually prefer this to my beloved Reese's Pieces cups. 

If you like Reese's, and Butterfinger, and Clark Bars, this is a new(ish) way to satisfy that craving. I ended up liking these a lot, and would definitely repurchase in the future for my own snacking needs.  

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