Friday, September 3, 2021

Ultimate Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers - Wawa
Back in 2005, (Which was when I graduated high school) Reese's came out with a Peanut Butter Lovers cup, and a Chocolate Lovers cup. The Chocolate lovers version had a thicker shell, which I remember liking, but still preferring the normal chocolate-to-peanut-butter ratio of the original cups. While the OG, non-ultimate, version of the Peanut Butter Lovers featured a confectionary peanut butter shell on top, normal peanut butter filling, and a very very thin layer of chocolate on the bottom. I tried it back in the day and wasn't a fan of the confectionary base.

Both flavors resurfaced in 2009, with the same formula, and now they're back again! This time with an Ultimate version, completely devoid of chocolate. 

Originally I was going to skip this one, but I saw a post somewhere online saying they might be disappearing soon. None of the new packaging says "limited edition" except for the minis, but the original announcement said limited I'm not sure what's going on here. Are they now a permanent item? Are just the mini-sized cups limited? I wanted to be safe rather than sorry, so I grabbed a pack to weigh in.

As stated earlier, this is 100% peanut butter based, so it has the crumbly filling we all love, but this time it's completely covered in a peanut butter flavored confectionary layer. 

When opened, first thing I noticed is that these melt really easily. With all the hot weather, and the lights, and my hands...these got ugly/messy fast. If you look at the photos you can see the melty oily sweat neat the edges, especially on the right-side cup.  

They smell sweet and creamy, like white chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter, which is what I think this will taste like.  

Getting the wrapper off cleanly was next to impossible. (I probably should have kept these in the fridge or freezer.) I peeled back the paper and took a bite, which involved scraping my teeth against the wrapper to pick-up everything I could. The exterior melted immediately, and tasted like pretty standard grocery store smooth peanut butter, just sweeter. (I'm a smooth pb kinda gal.) The filling is crumbly and slightly gritty like it always is, and the combination is pretty decadent. If you like the white Reese's cups, I think this is a far superior version of that. Or if you've ever had peanut butter yogurt covered items, like pretzels, this is like that, on steroids. 

While I still prefer the normal Reese's, this really lives up to it's "ultimate peanut butter lovers" name. I can see all peanut butter fans really loving these.  (For the record, the holiday shapes are my favorite way to eat a Reese's, followed by the cups with Pieces in them.) 

As someone who is a casual peanut butter consumer, I liked these a lot more than I thought I would. In fact, I would buy these again and I kinda hope they stick around. If not, I guess we'll see them all again in another 5-10 years or so. What's your favorite take on Reese's?

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