Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Give Us a Mystery! - Herr's Mystery Mix - 9/7/2021 UPDATE

Herr's Mystery Flavor - 7-Eleven

Three classic flavors in one chip, eh? The contest ended on August 31st, 2021, let's see what my guesses were and if I was right!

So the chip itself is a reddish orange, ridged, with little flecks of green. When I think of Herr's classic flavors, I think BBQ (gold bag), Sour Cream and Onion (green bag), and original (blue bag), but that seems way too easy. How could they have a giveaway contest if that were the case? 

The website lists the following as flavor options that could be part of the trio of this mix: sour cream and onion, BBQ, salt & vinegar, cheddar and sour cream, honey BBQ, red hot, fire, ketchup, old bay, dill pickle, cracked pepper and sea salt, jalapeno, boardwalk salt and vinegar, mesquite BBQ, and Cheddar Horseradish.

Time to binge on some chips and make some guesses. 

When opened, they smell salty, smoky, savory, onion-y, and a bit creamy. Nothing I can distinctly put my finger on just yet, kind of like a smoky French onion dip. Whatever it is, it's really appealing. Kind of like All Dressed, but bolder and tangier.

Upon first taste, I kind of thought I tasted bell pepper, which was interesting and definitely unique. It faded out into a zestier onion-like flavoring, with a good amount of creaminess. So I definitely think onion and sour cream are in play here. But there is a meaty smokiness that has to be BBQ, but not the classic gold-bag BBQ which always leaned very sweet. These chips are a lot of things, but not overly sweet, so that is eliminated. 

I am thinking this has to be the Mesquite BBQ, which was previously only available in kettle-chip form. Which would make it fun to have it in a non-kettle chip like this. There is a tanginess too, which some might mistake for salt and vinegar, but I LOVE salt and vinegar chips, and the Herr's boardwalk variety are my hands down favorite take on them. I will eat them until my mouth bleeds, and I do not detect their boldness anywhere, but what else uses vinegar? BBQ sauce, so that's another tick in the mesquite BBQ box for me. 

So far I am putting my money on Mesquite BBQ, but those are flavors that are echoed in a few of the contestant-flavors listed above. I am not confident enough to nail down anything just yet. This requires further snacking. 

After a few more handfuls, I started getting a build-up of dill, so could it be dill Pickle? There's a healthy amount of onion as well, but that could be part of the mesquite BBQ which also involves onion, and not a straight up sour cream and onion. Looking at the remaining options, I am nixing Old Bay, which is rather distinct and I am just not finding it here, unless it's being used VERY sparingly, and the horseradish and cheddar. I love horseradish, and don't detect any here. 

I was hesitant to cut ketchup, but I think BBQ is closer to what I am tasting here, and I cut jalapeno because the spicy favor is very minimal and it's more of a dry red-pepper heat than a classic jalapeno, which I would describe as tasting "green." 

I nearly finished the bag, and I think I am pretty confident. I'm going to say Dill Pickle, mesquite BBQ, and Red Hot. These are smoky, savory, creamy, and have the tiniest smidge of heat, but it's not bold enough to be significantly spicy, which made me think of ketchup, but at the end of the day, tomatoes and onions are part of BBQ sauce, so I think it makes the most sense. And as a combination, it sounds pretty darn good, right? Spicy Peppers, Sour Creamy Dill Pickles, and Mesquite BBQ. What's not to like?  

I still feel like Cheddar might be involved...but after sitting on this for a bit, I like Red Hot is my best bet, and helps explain the coloring. So that's my guess!  

UPDATE: 9/7/2021: we now know Herr’s Flavor Mix Mystery are Jalapeno Kettle, Ketchup, and Creamy Dill Pickle!

Oof, I got the Dill Pickle right, and I wasn't -that- far off, so I'll give myself partial credit. How'd you do? 

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