Monday, August 30, 2021

Blue are the feelings that live inside me - Pepsi Blue

Pepsi Blue - 7-Eleven

I wanted to introduce this as a "taste from my childhood" but I was in high school. So it's more accurate to say it's a taste from frizzy-haired-awkward-teens.
I remember getting this from gas stations from time to time, so I was excited for it's return. Just looking at it brings back every lyric to Eiffel 65's, Blue (Da Be Dee.) I had their CD back in the day and used to stay up watching MTV2 on the weekends so I could see their weird music video with CG aliens (along with other animated videos like Daft Punk and Gorillaz.) 

Without further ado, let's drink some Windex Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di!  

The color might not be for everyone, but I love it. 

How often do you drink or eat something that is this blue? As a 30+-year old woman, I feel like it's never. I fully recognize that it's fake, artificial, and not good for me health-wise, but blue-food makes me irrationally happy. I have so many blue food-related memories, like Lucky Charms getting blue moons, the blue m&m replacing tan, blue-colored ketchup, squeezy blue-Parkay fake butter, and Pepsi Blue...this color will always have a sense of childhood whimsy and nostalgia for me. I fully admit I am looking at this product through blue-colored glasses, but I don't care. Blue are the feelings that live inside me. 

Opened, the liquid inside smells sweet, like blue Icees and slushies. A vaguely blueberry/raspberry scent that is reminiscent of pretty much any blue-candy ever. 

For something that looks like a cleaning product, it's surprisingly refreshing. It's sweet. moderately carbonated, and it tastes like "blue." The berry flavoring leans artificial, which isn't surprising. I mean, look at it. It tastes like blue raspberry, which is a mash up of generic raspberry and blueberry flavoring that tastes like neither of it's fruity namesakes, but is recognizable as it's own thing. Distinctly different from my beloved Raspberry Coke (available in Coke remix machines), different from the limited edition California Raspberry Coke, and certainly very different from Cherry Pepsi. This is lighter, more refreshing and (dare I say) more realistic than other blue sodas I have had since it's departure. 

This does not taste like real fruit. We all knew that going in, but what I didn't expect was for it to be as refreshing and as light as it is. My memories of the first version are rather vague, so I don't know if it still tastes the same, but it is not the hummingbird nectar I thought it would be. I have two MTN Dew flavors I am posting later this week and THOSE are way more intense and hummingbird nectar-like than this is. 

While Pepsi Blue has been available in some parts of the world and never left, it disappeared from the States around 2005 when I graduated high school, and after this brief resurgence, it's disappearing again. I had a hard time finding this bottle, so if you're able to find some, stock-up. Because who knows when we shall see it's like again. 

I love you, Pepsi Blue. Partially for what you are, but mostly for what you represent. Maybe I'll see you again in another 15 years.  

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