Friday, August 27, 2021

A Double Dose of Balls (I said what I said) - Orange Cream Pop & S'Mores

Herr's S'Mores and Orange Cream Pop Balls - Ollie's

At first glance, the Herr's snack ball line seems a bit...juvenile. I used to work in daycare (which seems like a lifetime ago), and ball-shaped things like these were perfect for snack time. They're fun, easy for little fingers to grab, easy to chew, and in the case of Herr's, they come in a variety of colors and sweet flavors. It's a toddler's dream. Along with the child-like-appeal, the packaging always feels slapped together, making these easy to dismiss as a novelty. I looked down on these for a long time, thinking it's child-food, but after trying the Funnel Cake Balls I was singing a different tune. 

Funnel Cake opened my eyes to these being more legit than I thought, and while not every flavor was a winner (like the lack-luster Cotton Candy), I decided I would do my best to try the rest of the line-up this time around. So let's give these two flavors a go! 

Orange Cream Pop:
Of the two, this has the stronger bag-design and better color scheme. The orange and white stripes have decent contrast, the blue accents pop, and the illustrations have a boardwalk-y summer feel. Very similar to the Cotton Candy bag. 

When opened, the puffs inside are a snowy off-white color, with little flecks of orange edible glitter/sprinkles. These are those thin, flat, kind of plastic-y sprinkles you get on fancy cakes that always look pretty, like glitter, but taste like a craft supply if you eat them on their own. Thankfully they're used sparingly, so you barely notice them at all. 

Taking a sniff, these smell amazing, creamy, citrusy, and very spot-on for an Orange Creamsicle. There is a slight hint of the corn base, but the flavoring covers it well. Popping a few into my mouth, they have a light crispy crunch and a sweet more-so cream than orange flavoring, but you know what? They're WAY more accurate than I ever thought they'd be. And they're really addicting. The orange flavoring is a sweet and almost juicy one, very similar to orange sherbet (Laffy Taffy, take notes), and there is lots of sweet creamy vanilla flavoring. The best part? The overall flavoring is very light, no matter how much I eat, I am left wanting more. Which I greatly prefer over a bold, over saturated and artificial in-your-face flavor any day.  

I did notice that this flavor, more so than any of the others I have tried, had some hard crunchy corn bits in the puffs. They're like small grains, about the size of Pretzel salt, that are just super hard. They were few and far between, not enough to make me stop eating them, but it made me chew more cautiously.  

S'Mores: The lack of contrast between the gold and the off-white just doesn't work as well here, and even though it's layout is similar to Orange Pop, it feels a lot less polished and top-heavy. The bottom of the bag is just a barren wasteland of stripes. Not as cute, but will the snacks be just as good?   

When opened, these smell like breakfast cereal. Sweet, a little corn-y, chocolatey, with a hint of vanilla freeze-dried marshmallow. To me, this smells more like how I remember chocolate breakfast cereal smelling back in the 90's, these days it's just not as good (but it's probably healthier.)

The balls are a dusty cocoa-color, and not as cute as the Orange Pop, but they taste pretty great! You get chocolate breakfast cereal and marshmallow, but not so much graham cracker. This is less of a S'More, and more-so Count Chocula in snack-ball form. Which may not be namesake-accurate, but I am 100% into it. 

I love marshmallows, and worried this would be a gimmick and simply taste like chocolate, but that's not the case at all. You get a lot of marshmallow flavoring, in that crispy styrofoam-y, breakfast cereal mix-in kind of way, and I love it. Plus, like Orange Pop, they're light, and leave me wanting more.  

I'm curious to see how these compare to Herr's Hot Cocoa flavor, which is also chocolate and marshmallow. 

Shockingly, I would rebuy both flavors. But if I were having a gathering or summer BBQ (remember those?), I would likely only put the Orange Pop flavor out in a bowl for snacking, since the S'More puffs just aren't as appealing visually. But for solo snacking at home, or daycare, both flavors are winners. 

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