Thursday, April 1, 2021

Mallo Cup, is that you? - Reese's Mallow-Top

Mallow-Top Reese's Cup - Walgreens

We all know I dislike white chocolate, but I love marshmallows, so when this item was announced I was torn. On the one hand, fluffernutter sandwiches are amazing, and this has the protentional to taste like that AND chocolate. Brilliant combination, right? Or it'll taste like white-chocolate grossness. It's kind of a 50/50 chance.

With those odds, I didn't want to overcommit. Luckily for me, this flavor is available in a wide array of sizes, 5-packs, big bags for Easter, and this handy dandy two pack. Let's see what we're dealing with here and if I made the right decision.


The packaging is very spring/Easter, but it doesn't say seasonal or limited edition. Are these around for the long haul?  

Inside we have two cups, each has a ghostly off-white top, with a milk chocolate bottom that's completely hidden by the flutter paper cup. 

The candies smell like peanut butter and sweetness. Kind of like a peanut buttery version of almond bark. It teeters a little on the fake white chocolate territory I was so afraid of, so maybe I made the right call after all.  

Taking a bite, the top portion is significantly firmer than the milk chocolate bottom. My bite glides through the bottom portion of the cup like butter, but it takes a little bit of effort to stop yourself from ripping the top portion off in one bite. 

I feel like the milk chocolate on this is a bit different than usual, maybe it's thinner? Because it started melting right away. Even the heat from my hand holding the cup was enough for it to start melting in it's wrapper way faster than usual. As soon as the chocolate hits your tongue it because a sweet milky puddle, while the top portion takes a bit of chewing before it melts away into sweet milky white chocolate nothingness and crumbly peanut butter. 

I tried the top portion on it's own, and it doesn't taste particularly like marshmallow. In my opinion it's definitely just white chocolate. When eaten all together, it kind of has fluffernutter vibes, but overall it kind of makes me miss normal Reese's.  

I was worried I had been sleeping on these, but I think my original hesitation was correct. These are good, not great. At least, for me, a known white chocolate hater. If you're a fan of the white chocolate Reese's cups, maybe these are for you, but I'll stick to the original and get my marshmallow fix from my Mallo Cups.  

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