Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Franken-Cup or Franken-Cup's Monster?


Reese's Franken-Cup - CVS 
Historically, Reese's tends to play it safe seasonally, focusing more on shapes, like pumpkins and bats, instead of wacky seasonal flavors. At first that seems kind of lame, why not try something new? But, would I really want Reese's to make something like, pumpkin spiced peanut butter cups? Or something along the lines of Zombie Skittles? That's going to be a "no," from me, dawg. 
So while this may seem boring at first, I appreciate it's practicality and how the subtle color change acts as an homage to a classic horror icon, Frankenstein's Monster, and his notoriously flat-head, but, does the colored confectionary bottom change the overall Reese's experience for the better? Or worse? We shall see...

White chocolate and food dyes have been known to ruin otherwise awesome candies, but that may just be my opinion. I'm a known white-chocolate-skeptic. But, if you had the choice between a normal milk chocolate Kit-Kat bar, and the orange-colored white chocolate version, which would you pick? For me, it's milk chocolate, hands down. 
That said, my worry is that the green confectionary bottom will interfere with the awesomeness that is crumbly, grainy, peanut butter filling and milk chocolate. 

When opened, it looks like these cups are a little worse for wear. We have a pair of pretty wonky shapes here, but honestly? I kind of dig it. Having weird monstrous shapes is more on-theme, and though they are a bit misshapen, they're still in one piece. 
Unwrapped, the green portion is taller and lighter than I expected. It's a pastel mint-y green, similar to the chocolate mint Kit-Kat bars that came out a year or so ago, and it nearly reaches the top of the cup, so it's more like a solid white chocolate bottom with a milk chocolate cap than a two-toned creation.
I took a bite, and I am happy to report, the white confectionary bottom only changes things slightly. 

Overall these are similar to Normal Reese's, just extra creamy. The confection melts seamlessly with the chocolate, and although I can taste a difference, it's not stark enough to put me off eating both cups. These are just extra "milky," which doesn't sound like a delicious descriptor, but if you like normal Reese's you'll definitely enjoy these. 
Personally, I prefer the chocolate-to-peanut-butter-ratio of the shapes more than the classic cups, so if all of the Halloween Reese's go on clearance, I would pick bats and pumpkins over these bad boys, but if they were gone, and these were still on the shelves, they'd definitely end up in my cart. 
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