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Chip Party 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Chip Party 2 Electric Boogaloo
 - Aldi

More chips from Aldi! Admittedly they had even more flavors at the store last week. They had these two Mexican-themed flavors, and two "Brunch" kind of flavors which were Moscow Mule and Bloody Mary. Now Bloody Mary could work, but Moscow Mule? In Chip-form? They weren't really my taste, so I passed them up, but there two were way more my speed. 


Check out the video review, or keep reading for the written post and close up photos! 

Packaging: So Aldi recently started using these matte-textured bags, and I absolutely love it. Thanks to that finish, photographing and filming these was so much easier! Other than that, they went from being a generic, no-frills-looking design, to this, and it may not win any design awards, but it's a glow-up worth mentioning. 

7 Layer Dip:
 Once opened, the chips inside smell like a packet of McCormick's taco seasoning. Onions, cumin, garlic, and salt. Pretty generically "Americanized taco."

I popped a chip into my mouth and the crunch was fairly intense, but also light. Kind of like a cross between a kettle chip and potato sticks, but my immediate reaction? SALTY AF! Wow, these are salty, like, incredibly so. Now in all fairness, this might not be a flavor-specific problem. Every now and again I will buy a bag of chips from, Aldi, and they will be incredibly salty. It could be a bag of tortillas, or normal wavy chips, or a new flavor. It seems to be a consistent quality control issue for them. So I have had a few overly salted Aldi chips in my years of shopping there, but never anything on this level of saltiness. After one chip, I craved a glass of water. Yet, shockingly, these have LESS sodium than the other flavor! How is that possible? 

Once you get past the initial saltiness (which does linger on the sides of your tongue), you can taste cheese, sour cream, black bean, and some tomato or paprika-like flavoring. The flavoring is fairly bright, and not bad, but I just can't get past the saltiness. This is like, instant ramen-level salt. Hopefully the other flavor isn't as intense.  


Tailgate Taquitos:
They smell strongly of black beans, onion, and peppers. From my experience, beans aren't in Taquitos. Usually they have chicken, other meats, cheese, and maybe salsa or something on the side, but not beans or refried beans. So that was an odd choice. Actually, the scent reminds me of the black bean soup from Panera. 

I popped a chip into my mouth and the crunch is pretty intense, they are kettle chips after all, but the flavoring is a bit of a surprise. I can taste onions, cheese, a hint of flour tortilla, and the aftertaste is shockingly fresh, like salsa. It doesn't taste like a fresh cut, real, salsa, but it's on-par with a jarred mild salsa you might buy at the grocery store. I have never had anything in chip-form recreate grocery store salsa so well, and even though these chips are very salty, and contain more sodium, they don't taste as salty as the 7 Layer dip ones.  

Both flavors are really salty, 7 Layer dip noticeably more-so, and that being the case, I think Tailgate Taquitos are the clear winner here. They have a bright salsa-like flavoring that was really impressive, and I found myself reaching for more after shooting, but, it's a fairly intense flavor that doesn't pair with most chip-friendly foods, like a sandwiches or hot dogs. That makes it more of a one-off kind of item for me. 

These are fairly cheap, and if your family is big on Taco Tuesday or Mexican Friday, you'll probably really enjoy these. However, I found both of these to be really salt-heavy, so make sure you have a drink handy. 

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