Monday, October 26, 2020

Pudding Filled Corn Gummies - HAPPY HALLO-WEEK!

Pudding Filled Corn Gummies - Hung Vuong Market

Happy HALLO-WEEK! It's my favorite time of the year, so I worked extra hard to make sure I have content scheduled for every day this week! (Just like the old days!) 

Tuesday and Thursday have normal written reviews of Halloween candies, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you get written posts AND YouTube videos! 

A while back I received a comment saying that videos were difficult for those with hearing loss, and captioning services are a bit too expensive for my non-monetized-self to afford, so the video-reviewed products will also be getting fully written up posts that same day, like today's corn gummies! 


You can watch the video above, and check out the written post below! Let's jump right in a review some pudding filled corn gummies! 

We have a brand new Asian Market in South Jersey, Hung Vuong, and it's amazing. It's huge, probably the largest Asian market in South Jersey (North Jersey has a huge Mitsuwa but that is a far drive), they have tons of variety, an adorable stationary store inside, and during non-covid times, a hot-bar of ready to grab food. I'm really impressed with Hung Vuong, and since my beloved Asian Food Markets has closed for good, this will probably be my new go-to market for imported goods.  
In the junk food aisle, which was pretty darn large, my sister spotted these and it was love at first sight. We have bright colorful packaging, retro pop-art inspired graphics, a 3-D yellow burst shape that comes off the bag, tiny corn cobs, diagrams, and the only English I could read was: 

"It's a kind of soft candy which is very easy to eat. Personally, I prefer food which is very glutinous taste. I and that kind of dumpling. Very delicious, soft and waxy corn fudge,..."

"Soft and waxy corn fudge." Corn. Fudge. How could I not buy this? Everything about it is just, amazing. I will be keeping this packaging forever, and maybe framing it, along with a few others, to display as art in my home because it is just *chef's kiss* perfection. 
I wanted to review this today because it kind of suits the whole Trick or Treat aspect of Halloween. Will this be a trick? or a treat? Let's find out?  

Once opened, the air inside the bag smells like actual buttered sweet corn and it's pretty intense. I can't emphasize the authenticity of the aroma enough. It's maybe a bit over exaggerated, but still dead-on accurate, which is comforting, and alarming at the same time. This is a gummy candy, but it smells like a delicious side dish. My brain hurts. 

The candies themselves are individually wrapped in clear plastic with printing to make it look like they're resting in little corn husks. Again, great packaging, but up-close the candy is a little more nightmarish. 

Did any of you watch Futurama? This little translucent corn-gummy reminds me a little bit of the Horrible Gelatinous Blob character. Especially with this yellow opaque center suspended perfectly inside it. That and Marge Simpson's kitchen curtains.  

Up close, the candy doesn't smell as intense as the air inside the bag. It smells sweet, and corny, but more on par with a corn bread, or corn muffin. Pretty much any sweet pastry that uses corn meal and butter. Again, it's an unexpected, but appealing, smell. The candy itself is quite sticky to the touch, so I wouldn't suggest eating these on the go unless you have somewhere to wash you hands, and textually it's rather stiff. Like a gumdrop mixed with a fruit pastille, without the sugary coating. You can squish it between your fingers like a stress toy and it distorts, but goes right back into shape.

I bit it in half to get a better look at what was inside...

This has no right to be as delicious and as enjoyable as it is. 

It has a sticky exterior, with a smooth fruit pastille bite, thick pudding-skin-like center, and it breaks up into little bits as you chew...but the flavoring is sweet, corny, buttery, and pudding like. I imagine a corn bread pudding would have a similar flavor profile, but this texture? It just breaks my brain, but in a good way.  

I think I love these. Texturally it's a little slimy and not my favorite mouth feel, but the flavor is spot on and it actually works and I keep going back for more. These are, dare I say, delicious?    

From what I can tell, the center isn't corn-flavored. It tastes like thick vanilla instant pudding skin, which is very similar to the pudding-filled marshmallows I used to love at Asian Food Markets. It adds a much-needed creaminess to the candy and if these were center-less, I don't think it would be nearly as successful.

In these dark times, we have to cling to the scraps of joy we can find, and for me, this corn gummy is a tiny beacon of wonderfully confusing light. I can't seem to find these online, the closest are these on Amazon, but they don't seem to be filled. If you see these at your local Asian market, do yourself a favor and grab a bag, or two. I promise you, they're not as weird as they sound and you will not regret it. 

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  2. Thanks for having a non-video option! I don't have hearing issues, I just like text reviews better than video ones.