Wednesday, May 18, 2022

You Bet'cha 'Bucha! - Lidl Seasonal Kombucha

Cranberry Cherry Kombucha

Aldi used to have this house brand kombucha line that I loved, and my favorite flavor was the cherry cassis, but I haven't seen it in ages. In fact, a lot of my old Aldi staples have been MIA for a while now. No more balsamic glaze, no more pizza pockets, no more 3-packs of onions (one white, one red, one yellow), and now no more kombucha? Aldi, my love, where did things go wrong? 

With prices on the rise, and not being able to find my favorite products, I have been gravitating towards their competitor, Lidl, more and more. Not only does Lidl offer coupons, and mark products down as they near their expiration date meaning you can scoop up items for 30-50% off their already low prices, but they have a very healthy kombucha section with seasonal rotating flavors. Like this one.

I am pretty sure this is a winter flavor, but I don't care about it's off-season-ness. (It's good until August.) What I do care about is that this is kombucha with cherry AND cranberry flavoring. That sounds perfect to me. Sweet, tart, dry and a little fermented. Let's see if it lives up to my expectations.  

When opened it has that recognizable kombucha-stank, which I love, mixed with the dry tartness of cranberry. Think Ocean Spray meets salad dressing.

Taking a sip, I immediately love it. It's not the same as my cherry cassis, but it scratches the same itch. It's tart, dry, tangy, carbonated and just a little sweet. It's cranberry-forward with a smoother finish thanks to the cherries, and the kombucha base makes it light and very refreshing.

Kombucha isn't for everyone, and this flavor certainly won't convert any 'bucha-haters, but I love it. I really do. I'll have to run back tomorrow after work to get a few more bottles before the real Spring seasonal flavor takes over the shelves. If you love dry, tart, fruity kombucha as much as I do, this is perfect and I hope it returns next winter.  

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