Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Demogorgon Nuggets, Ethically Sourced and Fresh from the Upside-Down


Demogorgon Nuggets - Ethically Sourced

This product makes no sense within the context of the show, as far as I know none of the characters are vegan and no one ever mentions wanting chicken nuggets, BUT the box art went so hard with it's attempts to tie into the show that I kind of love it. 

We have their butcher mascot with a bloody nose, a la Eleven/Jane, we have Demogorgon claws reaching out, clutching each of the "nuggets," spooky imagery of the lightning, the gray dust, AND a silhouette of the house from this season. All with the logo front and center AND the font continuing throughout. It was a bold choice, a bit extra, but it paid off. 

The backside isn't as exciting as the front, but it's still on-theme. Looking at the cooking instructions, I opted to bake these in the air fryer instead of the oven. 

Airfyer was the right call. The outside was crispy, crunchy, and they paired nicely with some buffalo sauce. The insides weren't "chicken"-like, but you know what? They were pretty darn good, and honestly? Way better than the pizzas. 

Texture-wise, the insides reminded me a bit of tofu, and other soy based meat alternatives I've had in the past, nothing new or revolutionary. But enjoyable and, thankfully, edible. Since the pizzas were such a flop, these were quickly devoured as our main meal of the night. 

How funny is it that the item that had absolutely nothing to do with the show, turned out to be the best one?  It was easily the best food item of the night.

If this goes on clearance or anything, not that the season is long over, I would definitely buy these again, or recommend them to friends that were into the show, vegan or non-vegan. They're a pretty yummy little appetizer. But, even if they disappear into the discontinued food product graveyard, aka the upside-down, there are lots of similar products on the market that will check off the same boxes.  

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