Monday, September 19, 2022

This is What Dreams are Made of? - Coke Dreamworld

Coca-Cola's Creation line are sodas that are flavored using abstract concepts and unique labels. So far we've had Starlight, Byte, a collaboration with Marshmello (which was actually strawberry-watermelon flavored), and now we have Dreamworld. 
Normally I hate marketing that take a normal product and hypes it up to go viral, but I have actually been having a lot of fun with this! While I have found most of it's flavors to be rather conventional, with Starlight tasting like cotton candy, and Byte having a raspberry-fruity flavor, the elaborate labels and just barely unpretentious product descriptions keep me coming back for more every time. Is this the new limited edition Oreo for food bloggers? 

Dreamworld is described as, "familiar Coca-Cola taste now with a surprising and unexpected flavor from a dream world." A bit clunky as far as descriptions go, but I absolutely love this label. 

We have a bright blue backdrop, clouds, hot pink and yellow dimensional doorway portals, where the classic Coke logo flows in and out, reappearing in various spots all over the's bright and trippy. Like M.C. Escher meets Rene Magritte. But the first thing that came to my mind was Cloud Cuckoo Land, which may be a novel, but I associate it with the level of the same name from the N64 game, Banjo Tooie. 

It was a trippy level, in the sky, filled with giant Jello molds, bee hives, rainbows, a pot of gold, and a giant stinky cheese wedge. It was bright and colorful, nonsensical, and a lot of fun. I love Banjo Kazooie, 

Anyway, I love the label, but what will a "dream world" taste like? 

When opened, it seems like we're instore for another fruity flavor. I can smell classic Coke and a tropical blast of mango. There is no dancing around it at all, it's very bold and easily recognizable. 

It's sweet, fruity, and tropical. From what I recall, Coke doesn't offer mango in a can outside of the Diet Coke line, but I am pretty sure it has been available in ReMix machines, and Pepsi added mango to their line-up a while back, so this is them marketing something niche they already had, that a competitor already has, with limited edition packaging.

Not exactly a new-new product, or what dream lands might taste like, but I'll give it a pass. It's sweet, refreshing, and different from all the bottled offerings they currently have, and it isn't diet, which is a bonus. 

If you like Pepsi mango, and Rita's mango water ice, you should give this a try. Otherwise it's just another fun Coke to scoop up and add a little whimsy to your day. 
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