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Ghu-Ghu-Ghu-GHOST Dots - 12 Days to Halloween

Ghost Dots - Target 

Dots are a classic, but they still know how to have fun with seasonal and limited edition flavors. They've done candy corn dots, black-batty blood orange flavored dots, and these Ghost dots. Three different Halloween-specific flavors? Not too shabby for a retro candy. They even added a new flavor, Watermelon Dots just this year! (Pretty sure they are Dollar Tree exclusive?) Somehow in all my years of blogging, and snacking, I've never actually posted a Dots review. And there's no better way to start than with the original...with a spOoky twist!


The box art is giving me Ghostbusters-meets-Pac-Man vibes. The longer I look at it, the more I actually like it. It's like a novelty Halloween shirt you might see at Walmart for like, five bucks. y-form. One side gives you a horizontal layout, and the other, vertical. (The horizontal layout is vastly superior.) 

This seasonal box contains normal Dots flavors. So if you've ever had Dots, you'll know what these taste like. Dense, paste-y, gumdrops in fruity flavors, like lime, strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon. 

What makes these ghostly gumdrops unique is actually that they are all the same. Well, the same color, anyway. All 5 flavors are the same shade of ghastly green (that totally looks like it would glow in the dark, but they don't. I checked.)  There is a mystery aspect to your snacking, you never know what flavor you have until you chew. A concept plenty of other candies, like Skittles, have done in the past, but it works so much better in Dots-form. Let me explain.

When I have a box of Dots on hand, I seek out my preferred flavors and leave the rest. Eventually, future-me, will unsatisfyingly stuff stale lemon and orange candies into their mouth and chew through them like a chore before putting the box into the recycling bin. BUT with these Ghost Dots, I don't have the luxury of picking my flavor. And you know what? I destroyed this entire box in record time. What sets this apart from, say, the colorless Skittles version, is that I'm no less satisfied than if I had knowingly sought each flavor out on purpose for snacking. 

This might just be a me-thing, but when other candies, like the aforementioned Skittles, attempt the same concept, I find myself just getting annoyed as I snack. Not intensely enough to put me off the candy or anything, but just enough that I find myself wanting a normal bag and not a mystery-themed one. But, with these Dots, I feel the exact opposite way. I ate this entire box, and I'm no less satisfied. 

(FYI, I didn't bite the Dot on the left, it came out of the box that way and I kind of love it. I'm very into weird shapes and imperfection these days.)

Ghost Dots are the superior form of Dots. (At least for me.)  

Sure, I could just, snack blindly all the time and not look at what I pull out of the box, but the temptation to look and seek out my favorites is just too strong! (I'm a seeker, and always have been.) That said, this is my favorite version of Dots, and I think I'll buy a few more boxes before they disappear. 

I had fun reliving Teen Angel in the last post I thought I would keep the random Halloween pop culture stuff going. Since this is ghost themed, there's no better time to talk about my love for criminally underrated 2016 Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. (A name tacked onto the movie post-Afterlife.) 

I'm a big Ghostbusters fan. I had the toys as a kid, I loved the movies, I loved the cartoon, I loved Ecto Cooler. (I still have some cans from the re-release squirreled away!) Answer the Call isn't the original, and it's not for everyone, that's fine. Yes, it has it's low points and it's certainly not Citizen Kane, but I love 90% of that movie, having it dumped on to the extent that it has been makes me sad. It was nearly exorcised from the Ghostbusters Ultimate collection, but after a bit of backlash, it was added in as a digital download to complete the set, but, you guys. You unapologetically included Ghostbuster's 2 on that thing.

All these years later, people still love to tear that movie apart, and it deserves better. I have written a 9 page long Google Doc (so far) about this that I may or may not turn into my first ever attempt at a video essay, but, bottom line, it's a fun movie that gives the ladies of SNL a go at becoming a ragtag team of their own and if that isn't your thing, Chris Hemsworth's, "Kevin," is a delight and I would love to see him get more roles where he can use his comedic acting chops. Try and give it another shot if you can this spooky season.  

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