Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The 13 Posts of Halloween - Day 13, Ghost Pepper Whopper

After copious amounts of overtime at my day job, getting sick, getting better, and turning another year older, I'm back! Ready to make up for lost time with a new post every day from now until Halloween! (AND a special live stream with a friend of mine on her channel closer to the holiday! I'll keep you posted.) 

Let's start with a spicy, spooky, Halloween Burger from Burger King! 

I don't usually eat at Burger King, but when I do, it's because they have a Halloween themed burger. 


First we had the A1-infused black bun'd, HA1loween, burger that came in an adorable mummy themed wrapper. I loved the concept, I ate it, and experienced the colorful aftermath. I even went on Marvo's (sadly defunct) Nosh Show podcast to talk about it! It was weird, and great, and even though it tasted like a normal Whopper, I miss it. 

After that we had the green Nightmare King burger which had chicken, bacon, and beef. A real Franken-burger's monster of a sandwich. I actually never got around to writing this one up, BUT I did take photos! (Man it feels good to finally post these!) 

Still fun, not as yummy, and not as digestively interesting, BUT it had a companion beverage, a black cherry Fanta icee, that caused the same "aftermath" as the black burger bun. Again, weird, harmless, and fun. Just a really really salty burger with a bun that looked more moldy than it did monstrous. 

There was a Ghost themed burger with a white bun I missed out on, because it was a limited release only available at a few locations nationwide, but from what I understand, I didn't miss out on much. 

Now here we are, in 2022, with an orange bun, covered in black sesame seeds, and a spicy ghost pepper theme!  

My first impression is that the bun is really pretty. It's a bright, "happy" orange which makes the black sesame seeds really pop. It's familiar, yet different. Other than that, as usual, the burger itself looks nothing like the picture. The fillings are no where near as plentiful as they appeared in the menu photos, so she's looking pretty deflated. 

Inside the bun, we have a slice of ghost pepper cheese, crispy jalapenos, bacon strips, a layer of spicy queso, and a charbroiled burger patty. All the heat is contained in the cheesy components (and to a lesser extent the fried jalapenos), so your heat level may vary depending on how your burger is prepared. Over on The Impulsive Buy, they actually had to get a second sandwich because the first time around they had a burger made with normal cheddar, not ghost pepper. To make sure I didn't have a sub-par burger I nibbled a bit of the cheese on it's own just to confirm I had the real deal, and yup. I got ghost pepper alright. 

On the heat seeker scale of 1-5, 1-being afraid of too much cracked black pepper and 5 being a hot sauce junkie, I would say it's a 2.5. Maybe a 3 depending on how cheesy your burger may be.  At certain times I would get a bite of that ghost pepper cheese that would hit the back of my throat and have my nose running, other than that, my mouth felt pretty burn-y overall as I ate. Nothing I couldn't handle, but it was on the cusp of being uncomfortable for my spice tolerance level. I'm a medium-heat kind of person. For example, I like Takis, but it takes me a month to go through a bag. If you're a more serious spice lover, this might not be enough for you. I got one with my friend and as I sniffled my way through it, they said they experienced absolutely nothing. I'm convinced their tongue is broken. Because while it isn't Paqui-chip level hot, this was still pretty spicy, at least enough to bring on a wicked case of heartburn. 

Outside of the heat component, the burger overall is a bit too salty, and a little dry, mainly due to the lack of vegetables. (Not even a pickle?) But it's pretty good! Before, I was actually scared that it might be too spicy, so I ordered a chicken back-up burger in case I...chickened out! (Que cheesy drumroll. Or should I say que-so?) You can actually see it in the background of some shots, but it wasn't necessary. So I saved the chicken sandwich for tomorrow.

My only real complaint was the lack of vegetables. I don't eat at Burger King very often, but do they just hate veggies? Do you need to ask them to specifically include them? Because even my chicken sandwich was literally chicken on a bun. I would have loved to see some lettuce, onions, and pickles on the Ghost Pepper Whopper. You could even make them spicy pickles or something to stay on-theme. As-is the lack of veggies left me feeling so dry afterwards, and even though my tongue was burning, I still felt like I ate a little kid burger, because it was only meat and cheese. So I would like to see some veggies in the future, and a Halloween themed companion-drink couldn't hurt either! 

Even with the lack of greenery, I think I would actually buy this burger again, but, as the King says, I'll just have to add veggies and have it "my way." 

Did you try this burger? If so, what did you think? And was yours actually spicy? 

Also, does anyone remember the short-lived TGIF show, Teen Angel? Where Marty eats a Halloween burger he found under his friend's bed that is like, a year old, and it kills him, and Marty becomes his best friend's guardian angel to earn his way into heaven and talks to a giant floating head in space named, Rod who is not God, but God's cousin? Or is it just me? Thankfully the whole series is free on Youtube. Here's a link so you don't just think I'm having a fever dream. ALSO the Salem timeball Sabrina the Teenage Witch crossover episode is on there! Now if only I could find the same crossover episode with You Wish to complete my timeball TGIF trinity! 

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